Warning Signs Show That Apple Is Losing Its Chinese Consumers To Huawei

by Business 30 October 2023

Apple Is Losing Its Chinese Consumers To Huawei

There is increasing evidence that the latest iPhone by Apple Inc. is falling shy of its predecessors in China, which suggests a setback for the most valuable company in the world in its most important overseas market.

The iPhone 15 series witnessed a 6% drop in its sales since the month it launched compared to the previous year, as per the information from the market researcher GfK, which covers the end-consumer sales for each of the channels.

IDC, a mobile industry tracker, estimated that Apple’s shipments were low by 4% within the third quarter, with each of them identifying the return of the Huawei Technologies Co. to the mobile scene spotlight as a major event within that period. The Mate 60 series by Huawei has recorded sales, which is close to 1.5 million in the launch month, which is more than double what it was a year ago, GfK added, amid the supply constraints.

“Against the backdrop of the strong growth of Huawei, Apple iPhone 15 series registered a 6 percent decline in sales,” said the China senior analyst at GfK, Hayden Hou. “Huawei Mate 60 series will continue to maintain its strong sales momentum going forward.”

The company had suddenly released its Mate 60 and 60 Pro phones in the weeks that led up to the latest launch of the iPhone, which brought in buyers and attention with its Chinese made Kirin processor, which is an obvious breakthrough in its fight to get over the US trade sanctions. Jefferies and Counterpoint Research analysts released the preliminary sales figures previously this month, which indicated, “the slump for Apple could be as big as a double-digit percentage as the country’s economic challenges hit consumer demand. With the iPhone 15, Apple upgraded several key features of its lineup, but has not been able to stir growth in the world’s biggest mobile market.”

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