Why Should You Have A Goodyear Credit Card? These 10 Irresistible Benefits Might Make You Reconsider  

by Loans & Credit 03 January 2024

goodyear credit card

Why should you consider Goodyear credit cards? Well, after building a century-long reputation and a name in the tire and rubber industry, Goodyear stays on top of its users’ minds.

While the quality of its products is as good as confirmed, Goodyear still has some heavy price tags attached to its products. So, it is quite common for buyers to be unable to bag all the products in one go. That’s where the Goodyear credit card comes in.

They bring a practical solution to people hesitating to buy just because they are low on the budget or don’t have enough money. However, how beneficial is this credit card? Join me as we explore ten additional perks that come with being a Goodyear credit cardholder.

1. Exclusive Offers

Instant financing for the tires is not the only perk of having a Goodyear credit card. You also get many other offers exclusive to Goodyear credit card users only. As an example, you might get some amount off on some of your future purchases as a part of the exclusive credit promotion. The purpose of these offers is to provide you with more savings opportunities on tire purchases. However, these are not all. The cardholders have more benefits.

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2. Special Financing

Would you like to have no interest in your purchases? That too for six long months? Well, I know that you would. But you have to spend a minimum of $250 on your tires. This will qualify you for special financing options. However, you have to ensure you make your payment in full within that six-month time frame. This will stop you from getting affected by any other types of interest rates.

However, when the six months are over, and if you have not made your full payment, you will be charged all the interest rates, APRS, and fees that are applicable. So, it is important to have an intent to payoff your debt within six months of purchase. This way, you will stay on top of your repayment schedule and maintain a good credit score.

3. Fair Credit

Even with fair credit, securing approval for the Goodyear Credit Card is a boon for those requiring car tires. Unlike traditional credit approvals tied to specific scores, this card extends approval to those without a credit history. Whether rebuilding credit or lacking history, obtaining this card is viable, with an instant online decision. While the relief of credit card qualification is significant, cardholders must grasp that a subpar credit score leads to high post-promotional period interest rates. It’s crucial to maximize cardholder benefits before they expire.

4. Online Credits

Goodyear features an exclusive program offering special online-only savings for tire shoppers using the Goodyear credit card. Opting to purchase tires online not only brings potential cost savings but also enhanced convenience, with tire delivery and installation services available.

This extends to trailer tires as well. Online shopping may unlock further savings due to potentially lower online prices and a broader product selection, streamlining the order process compared to in-store shopping across various locations.

5. Free Tire Rotation

As a Goodyear credit cardholder, enjoy complimentary tire rotations at participating stores—an essential practice for any driver. Regular tire rotations not only extend tire life span but also contribute to long-term cost savings.

This valuable service addresses a common oversight, as many customers may be unaware of the necessity to rotate tires. The process involves tire removal, thorough inspection for wear and tear, strategic repositioning for even wear, and meticulous tire pressure resetting, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

6. Discounts On Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are vital for optimal car maintenance, particularly if you accumulate miles quickly. On average, it’s advisable to change oil every three thousand miles to keep your car in prime condition. While some dealerships may provide initial free oil changes, subsequent ones can be costly. The Goodyear credit card offers special savings on automotive needs, including discounts on oil changes for cardholders. Locate a participating store to enjoy ongoing oil change discounts, making it a valuable perk for those with a Goodyear credit card.

7. Rebates

As a credit card holder, you automatically qualify for mail-in rebate offers, translating to extra savings and tire discounts. Despite some people’s reluctance towards mail-in rebates, they equate to additional funds when properly submitted. Additionally, Goodyear credit cardholders stand to benefit considerably from these rebates, presenting an excellent opportunity to enhance savings. Examples of rebates include up to $150 back on specific tire sets and $25 back on any Goodyear Auto service totaling $50 or more. The process is straightforward:

  • Locate and purchase eligible offers using the credit card.
  • Receive an email post-purchase.
  • Fill out the rebate form after installation.

8. ATM Access

Acquire fast access through a cash advance from your Goodyear credit card, with only a $10 fee or 5% of the withdrawal—whichever is greater. This is a standout feature, as not many stores or brand credit cards provide cash advances. The reasonable fees enhance the appeal of this service. Conveniently, cash can be withdrawn from any accessible ATMs, offering flexibility to cardholders seeking quick and easy access to funds.

9. Online Account Management

Online account access simplifies timely bill payments and provides a comprehensive view of your purchase balance, transaction history, due dates, and account management tools. This convenience extends to exploring potential credit promotion offers within your online account. In addition, the user-friendly online platform empowers Goodyear credit cardholders to manage their accounts efficiently, promoting transparency and enabling quick and informed financial decisions.

10. Ample Locations

With over 6,100 locations across the nation, Goodyear offers a widespread network for credit cardholders to buy new or used tires conveniently. The worry of handling a flat tire is alleviated when armed with your Goodyear credit card. It ensures seamless financing for new tires whenever the need arises. Also, a simple online search for Goodyear locations will easily guide you to places where your credit card is accepted, facilitating both transactions and access to exclusive savings.

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Final Words

Many of the customers looking for tire financing would enjoy the perks that come with a Goodyear credit card. If you are one of them, you can make your purchase in one go and keep the payment on hold at your convenience.

Of course, you have to maintain their rules and regulations to get the most out of their benefits. Hopefully, you have found the answer you were looking for. Let us know if you have any queries related to the same. Thank you for reading patiently.

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