5 Best Free Spying Apps For Parents In 2024

by Technology 02 January 2024

Free Spying Apps

Spying is a breach of trust. But sometimes, you need to be rational and keep a watchful eye open. Parents concerned about their teenage children and employers concerned about their employees often look for free spying apps. Of course, it is meant to protect the ones you care about.

Parents can keep track of their children’s internet behaviors and keep them safe from cyberbullying or any other dark side of the internet. Additionally, we can say the same for employers. But what are the best free spying apps? Wait, is there any free app to help you keep track of your children?

Yes, there are. In this article, you will find the best spying apps to keep track of your loved ones and maintain their safety online. Keep reading.

5 Free Spying Apps

Here are five apps you can try from –

1. GEOfinder.mobi


GEOfinder is the best free spying app for Android users. And I am not saying this because I have used it. But my reason for putting it on the top of my list is because it requires no installation. You don’t have to install this app on the targeted phone. The web-based spying app is a great help to parents who are concerned about their children’s internet activities and security.


  • Wi-Fi Tracking: The tracking features of this free spying app is number one among its competitors. So, all a user has to do is type in the number they want to track on their GEOfinder account and select Find. This will send a link through text on the recipient’s device. You can customize the link as per your needs.
  • No installation needed: Yes, you do not need to install the app on the recipient’s device to use it.
  • Wide range of device compatibility: This app is compatible with a wide range of smartphones. So, you need not worry about compatibility.
Users do not need any physical access to the targeted device.Limited features for location tracking is available on this platform.
There is no installation process involved. 
The app has Wi-Fi and VPN tracking features. 
Location tracking options are available using the phone number. 

NB: This app is not completely free. Of course, you can use the free trial version for two days by paying $1. We kept it on the list for the useful features it offers.

2. SpyStealth


Parents are always concerned about their children, and nowadays, the internet is not a very safe place to be. However, you can create a safe space and a virtual boundary for the kids using free spying apps like SpyStealth.

This one, too, is not completely free. But you have a 7-day free trial period if that helps. Most importantly, this app allows real-time device tracking and alerts. So, you will even get notifications on what your kids are searching on the internet.


  • Remote phone Control: Remotely control your kids’ internet and smartphone usage using SpyStealth.
  • Geofencing: This tool also comes with a Geofencing solution.
  • Activity Alerts: users get a notification of the smartphone they are targeting using SpyStealth.
Access detailed items.The installation process may not be too comfortable for all the users.
Control the targeted device remotely. 
Tech support is available 24/7. 
Get real-time notifications. 
Great app for Android users. 

3. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro, a dedicated parental control tool, operates on both smartphones and PCs. Offering a free demo for a firsthand experience, it provides complete control over a child’s mobile device, allowing discreet access to messages, browser history, calls, and social media activity. 

Covering popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok, its standout feature is surrounding recording. Parents can remotely activate the microphone or camera to monitor audio and capture images, ensuring child safety from bullies and deterring class skipping.

  • Location Tracking: Utilizes GPS/Wi-Fi for real-time location tracking and Geofencing alerts.
  • Social App Monitoring: KidsGuard Pro covers popular messaging apps and continues to explore more.
  • Remote Device Control: Capture screenshots, take photos, and record calls remotely.
  • Phone Data Access: View real-time data, including messages, call logs, photos, videos, and more.
  • Dashboard Convenience: All data is accessible on an online portal for convenient real-time monitoring.
Comprehensive monitoring of popular messaging appsPotential privacy concerns,
Effective location trackingNecessitating open communication between parents and children. 
Advanced remote device control. 

4. FlexiSPY


FlexiSPY offers a 24-hour free trial, which is compatible with Androids, iPhones, iPads, and PCs. It excels in diverse call tracking features, including live call interception and recording, extending beyond sim-to-sim to include social media calls.


  • Free Updates: Regular updates for ongoing enhancements.
  • Live Call Eavesdropping: Ability to listen in on live calls for real-time monitoring.
  • Efficient Dating App Tracking: Effectively monitors activities on popular dating apps.
  • Diverse Social Media Call Recording: Records calls across a variety of social media platforms.
Enjoy free updates for continuous improvement.The installation process may seem a little difficult.
Eavesdrop on live calls for real-time insights. 
Efficiently monitor popular dating apps. 
Record calls seamlessly across various social media platforms.  

5. Norton Family

Norton Family

Norton Family, a top parental control app, offers a 30-day free trial. Balancing online freedom and safety allows setting screen time limits on specific days or durations, fostering health and focus on schoolwork.


  • Search Supervision: Keep an eye on the search terms used.
  • Web Supervision: Monitor and control the websites your child visits.
  • Location Tracking: Track your child’s device location.
  • Usage Reports: Receive detailed reports on device usage.
  • Instant Lock: Lock your child’s device instantly.
  • App Usage Monitoring: Keep track of the apps they use.
Comprehensive monitoring features.Limited free version.
Customizable controls.Compatibility restrictions.
30-day free trial.Potentially overwhelming features.

Keep In Mind!

In conclusion, while free spying apps may seem enticing, it is essential to recognize the ethical and legal implications surrounding their use. Privacy is a fundamental right, and invading someone’s personal space without consent is obviously morally questionable. On top of that, it is also illegal in many jurisdictions.

Employing such apps may lead to severe consequences, including legal actions and damaged relationships. Instead, it is advisable to prioritize open communication and trust in personal and professional relationships. In the digital age, respecting privacy is paramount, and opting for transparent, ethical practices fosters a healthier and more trustworthy online environment for everyone involved.

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