Glass Pool Fencing

by Real Estate 13 July 2022

Glass Pool Fencing

With block sizes in Perth shrinking and people wanting to expand their entertaining areas, glass pool fencing is the perfect solution to the problem. This fencing allows you to see your pool from any angle and is unobstructed. 

Glass pool fencing is also an excellent choice for small, suburban yards. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, glass pool fencing is also more durable than aluminium or vinyl pool fences. Read on to learn more.

4 Different Types Of Trendy Fencing For Glass Pool

 Trendy Fencing For Glass Pool

We all see the swimming pool glass fencing. But when you have a glass pool, then you can make it as unique as possible. And for the glass pool, the frame and the fencing are the only parts that should be decorated and give your pool an outstanding look.

Here are four types of trendy glass pool fencing.

1. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing Perth offers many benefits. It is seamless. There are no blind spots or vertical posts! No other type of pool fence allows for complete transparency. 

This creates a pool that is both beautiful and safe. Aside from allowing for uninterrupted views of the swimming pool area, Frameless fencing for the Glass Pool also looks great and adds to the aesthetic appeal of a home.

A frameless fence for glass pool fence and Perth installation is an aesthetic improvement to any backyard. It makes the pool appear modern and elegant. The panels are 12mm thick and manufactured to Australian standards. 

Spigots are made from polished stainless-steel duplex 2205. The protective coating on the glass will reduce the amount required for maintenance. It will also cut down on edging and lawn mowing time. And you can add an anti-slip coating to your pool decking or paving for a safer pool area.

2. Aluminum Pool Fences

For aluminum glass pool fencing, you have a few options. Most pool fence suppliers offer panels as DIY kits. However, you can also order custom sizes. You must be at least 1200mm high, and it must meet Australia Standard AS1926.1(2012). 

You can also order gates, which have a standard width of 970mm, but you can also order them in any size or style you need. The gates and panels are made of aluminum which is rust-free, resistant to a variety of chemicals, and durable.

When you choose a material for your pool fence, remember that durability is crucial. Though many people doubt the durability of glass pool fences, it is important to remember that glass panels are not sharp and are unlikely to break. 

Aluminum, on the contrary, is a strong material that won’t rust or fade and is lightweight. Aluminum is a great material to protect your kids against accidents.

3. Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing Perth is the best choice for privacy, security, comfort, and style. These fences are made up of metal posts that are placed between two glass balustrades. 

This gives the pool an almost seamless appearance. Frameless fencing for the glass pool fencing is not seamless but offers superior security. Semi-frameless glass pool fencing can provide all of these benefits, plus more.

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing, which is the most popular type of glass fencing, is very popular among do-it-yourselfers. It is made of toughened glass with a thickness of 10mm, tempered to comply with the Australian Standard ASN252208, has a powder-coated finish, and is tempered to conform to the Australian Standard ASN252208. 

It can be installed on any surface, including concrete, and is available in many different colors. Semi-frameless glass pool fence Perth is possible to install without a frame. They are available in many different styles. 

4. Framed Glass Pool Fencing

You might be interested in a different type of pool glass fencing if you’re thinking about getting a pool. Traditional pool fencing can look cage-like, but glass fencing is a modern option that allows you to see your swimming pool from all angles.

Framed glass pool fencing panels can be secured by stainless steel or aluminum posts. This gives your fence an attractive appearance that is more appealing than metal bars. Here are some pros and cons of framed glass pool fencing.

When considering the style and aesthetic of your glass pool fencing, make sure to choose premium safety gates and fittings. 

Framed glass pool fencing Perth will create a minimalist and elegant outdoor space without requiring a large investment. 

Clear Choice Pool Fencing is a local Perth company that provides quality frameless glass fence installations and the best tradespeople around. While safety is a primary concern, there are also benefits to semi-framed glass fencing Perth.

Wrapping It Up:

These are the different types of glass pool fencing. You can install any of these fencings and adopt a vibrant look for your glass pool. But for the glass pool, the fencing of the glass pools is the most decorative part of the game.You can do the experiments, and this way, your glass pool will look more vibrant.

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