Tips for a Stress-Free House Selling

by Real Estate 25 November 2020

Stress-Free House Selling

If you are a homeowner and you wish to sell your house? Selling a property can be a stressful experience, especially if it is your first time. There is a lot you need to know about real estate and how to make a quick house sale.

This post will show you exactly how to make a hassle-free house sale using the easiest methods in the books. We shall also look at what buyers look for when planning to buy a home.

Here are some tips for a stress-free house selling:

Prepare the house for sale.

The reality with most homes on the market is that most are in poor condition. They need some touch-ups and slight renovations. Most buyers will consider even the smallest of things before buying.
Things like a leaking sink could cost a buyer, and they are not looking to add more expenses. Thus, it is important to get the house in perfect condition while you wait for a buyer.

Understand the sale procedures

Getting to know the steps to take before making any sale is crucial for any homeowner. Some of the most important steps include:

  • Knowing which experts to involve in the sale. These experts can vary from real estate solicitors to agents.
    • Get to understand all the costs that you will incur. Here, mostly government charges will come into play.
    • Determine a good selling price. Always remember not to overprice your property as it may work against you.
    • What mode of selling to use. You can opt for an auction or a private sale.
    • The most appropriate time to list your house for sale.

These are just some of the most crucial steps to take.

Prepare for open homes and random inspections.

Home inspections by government officials or potential buyers are inevitable if you are looking to sell a house. This aspect is important, especially if you live in the house and aren’t using a staging service. During open homes, you need to be prepared so you can appeal better to buyers.

Experts would tell you to make a checklist so you can recall everything that has to be done. However, as you make the checklist, ask yourself certain questions like, is your house going to appeal to a broad range of preferences? Are you getting enough natural light into the house? And how spacious are the rooms?

Style your property

Style property

Styling your property will involve hiring a professional interior designer or stylist. Styling will help you appeal to clients from all walks of life. A professional will make your property look more appealing, and in turn, you will make a quick sale at a high price.

Stylists give you a broader look at things. They help depersonalize your space by removing family pictures and other items of sentimental value to you and your kin. This will go a long way in attracting buyers from all corners.

There is a downside to this, though; stylist’s services don’t come cheap. For a consultation, they will part with $200, and prices can rise to $10,000 for a full house makeover.

Get a good real estate agent

Real estate agents can make or break a deal. Getting a good agent who understands the dynamics of the market cannot be stressed enough. Do not be in a rush to get an agent; take your time and research on this.

If all your research efforts prove futile, you could ask a friend who has made a sale before to refer someone. After all, referrals work pretty nicely.

What do buyers look for when buying a home?

If you want to make a quick house sale, you need to know what buyers look for.

Here are some factors buyers consider:

Number of bedrooms

Some buyers may have a large family and may want a large house.

• Location of the house

Buyers will want a house that is close to various social amenities and their place of work

• Purchase price

Do not overprice your property. That will drive buyers away; instead, list a realistic price that is attractive to everyone.

• Size of the lot

Some buyers may want a house with a play area for kids or somewhere they can set a barbecue.


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