Looking To Get A New Chiminea: Here Are 5 Factors To Consider

by How to Guides 25 April 2022

New Chiminea

In the last few years, homeowners have been interested in creating open spaces on their property in the best possible fashion. They have taken a keen interest in redoing their gardens, backyards, porch areas, and driveways.

The COVID-19 Pandemic can also be credited as more and more of us started spending time working remotely from our homes.

We wanted more spaces in and around the house where we could relax, unwind, hang out, or even work! In this regard, accessorizing the garden and open areas in a way that would combine form and functionality became a priority for many homeowners in the UK. Everyone that lives in the UK knows that it is dominated by cold and rainy conditions.

A survey conducted of UK homes and homeowners found that a majority of them were interested in installing a new chiminea in their garden. In this resource article, we are going to cover the following:

  1. What is a chiminea and why you should be interested in one?
  2. Factors you should consider when purchasing a chiminea
  3. The benefits of getting and installing a chiminea in your home

If you or someone you know is currently looking to get a new chiminea, this resource article can help point them in the right direction.

What is a Chiminea and Why you should be interested in one?

What is a Chiminea and Why you should be interested in one?

A chiminea, as the name suggests is an innovative take on what a chimney is. It is usually a free-standing open pit, that works in the form of an open chimney. The first thing you should know is that chiminea is not a new invention. It has in fact been heating outdoor spaces in homes in Mexico ever since the 16th century.

You need to think of a chiminea as some type of portable chimney that is used to heat the garden areas, porches, backyard, or even patios. As we mentioned, the chiminea owes its origin to Mexico, where it was first used. Ever since then, especially in recent times, it has become a popular feature in homes in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom.

Originally intended to cook food in open areas, the chiminea has since evolved to provide warmth and comfort to people sitting in and around it. There is a belly that usually houses the grates. The fire is lit by using the same coal or wooden fuels, and the final heat comes out from the front grill. The smoke rises through the pipes and the ash is collected below.

Homeowners that are looking to set up their garden areas to spend quality time, either alone or with their friends and family members should be interested in getting a chiminea. It is a simple, functional, yet unique addition that will add value to your occasions, as well as to your property. If you love cooking, you can always turn to the chiminea for bakes and grills!

5 Important Factors to Consider when getting a New Chiminea

5 Important Factors to Consider when getting a New Chiminea

In this section, we are going to list down five important factors that you should be considering when getting a new chiminea-

1. The material from which the chiminea is built-

If you go to the market looking for a chiminea, you are going to find them in different material constructions. You have clay chimineas, cast iron ones, and lastly, steel. To be honest, all of them have their very own pros and cons. If you are looking for something truly aesthetic, clay chimineas stand out. However, if you want durability and efficiency, you should go for steel.

2. The size of the chiminea and whether it will be a safe fit-

Chimineas come in all shapes and sizes. However, you do not want to pick something that will be too bulky for the open space that you have. Consult with the shop, as you will have to consider whether the chiminea is not getting too close to the fence or the tree branches. You don’t want something to catch fire. Make sure that you go for a decent size.

3. The type of fuel that is used by the chiminea-

Traditionally and historically, chimineas used either coal or wooden logs as fuel. For many purists, this is how it should be. Make sure that you are buying wooden logs from the best brands and companies like Lekto Woodfuels. Modern chimineas can also be powered by gas. Some even come with liquid propane compatibility, but you might want to avoid that.

4. The space and opening of the burn area-

The bigger the size of the burn area, the better will be the heating and warmth. This means that the opening of the mouth where you will be throwing the fuel (wood, coal, etc.) should be big enough to light a big fire. If the weather is too cold, or if you are looking to bake pizza, you want a strong fire. When you are deciding on which chiminea to buy, look at the opening area.

5. The brand you are buying the chiminea from-

This is very important since you would not want a chiminea that is of poor build quality or does not come with a standard warranty. It would be wise to do research on the brand, explore their experience in making chimineas and look for service and after-sales support. It is also a good idea to not go after the cheapest product in the market when it comes to a chiminea.

Benefits of Installing a Chiminea in your Garden or Backyard

In this the final section of the article, we are going to shed light on some of the major benefits of getting and installing a chiminea in your front garden or backyard-

  • Firstly, getting a chiminea allows you to make use of the garden even when temperatures are on the decline. Great for spending some quality time with the family.
  • Secondly, if you have always wanted to bake or grill, you now have an exciting prospect of doing so. Pizzas, steaks, potatoes, etc. can all go on chiminea’s grill.
  • Thirdly, getting a chiminea can help in adding value to your home. It adds a sophisticated touch to your house and makes you the envy of others.
  • Fourthly, if you go with some leading manufacturers and brands, a chiminea can bring that kind of an art deco vibe to your garden area. Some are aesthetically beautiful.

The Bottom Line

In this resource article on chiminea, we have looked at discussing all the important points you should know when getting and installing one. If you have any other questions, which you would like us to address on the subject, please let us know in the comments section below.

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