Future Of AI: 5 Industries That Will Be Most Affected

by Technology 10 December 2022


Artificial Intelligence has already established its presence in the lives of people. They are one technology that different sectors are trying to exploit. Unlike any other technology, artificial intelligence has the unusual trend of acting like a human.

Now, this has really provided a great advantage to people that are making the best use of the technology. Different industries are trying to optimize the technology of AI. Therefore you can say that Artificial Intelligence has great grounds to cover.

The article discusses the five sectors that will be most affected by AI.

Future Of AI: Which Sector Benefits Most From It?

According to an estimation, the use of AI in business will attain a market value of $500 billion by 2024. This denotes businesses will be spending on this technology.

So it would also help if you also tried to maximize the use of AI technology in your business. Five sectors can make the best use of AI.

Let’s discuss them here, so you get a better idea.

1. Healthcare

Health care is suffering from increased costs and decreasing services. Many complexities crop up in the field of medications, operations, and diagnosis. It is said that using AI can help track health, symptoms checker, and other services.

According to an estimation, medical errors result in the death of 200,000 people! In addition, AI-based software is used to carry out different operations where human involvement can invite risks. For example, with the help of AI, care units can facilitate bed management and consultations with doctors.

High-tech medical devices and fitness-related gadgets are run with the help of artificial intelligence. According to an estimation, the wearable device market will reach a massive $30.1 billion.

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2. Marketing

One of the most important aspects of contemporary marketing is research. You need to devote hundreds of hours to conducting competitive research and analysis. This can help you in your business.

If you are engaged in some business, you know that personalization is indeed one of the important elements to get market reach. Once you reach the customers, you will be able to read their minds.

There are AI-based tools that can track the customers visiting your website. Based on these activities, AI sends personalized messages and emails. This is an important aspect of market development.

3. Transportation

Ai Transportation

Transportation is one of the industries that are affected by artificial intelligence. For instance, hundreds of accidents happen in the USA. Autonomous cars are touted to be the solution to the increase in accidents.

Companies like Tesla and Volkswagen are working to bring in their autonomous vehicles. They can compensate for human blunders while on the road and save fatal accidents. According to an estimation, around 54 million cars are expected to hit the market.

Different companies are collaborating on AI-based start-ups so that more and more autonomous cars hit the highways.

4. Finance

Finance is one of the different industries trying to make the best use of Artificial Intelligence. Remember, the market is run based on prediction. Investors try to analyze the markets in time and then invest their hard-earned money.

But certain events completely end the calculations, and the investors end in losses. AI-based tools maintain the database. So with their help, you can make better market predictions.

Even in the banking sector, different calculations are done by human engagement. But any human engagement is fraught with risk and uncertainty. AI can replace human involvement and provide accurate readings. Even digital apps help investors with their market research.

5. Information Technology

There are many applications like natural language processing, image processing, deep learning, spelling and grammar, and speech recognition. Artificial intelligence can be successfully applied in this section to bring positive results in the industry.

Information Technology can be used to protect information from the hands of hackers. With the help of IT, you can ensure the safety and security of your information. Furthermore, with the help of Artificial intelligence, capable solutions can be provided. This will enable smooth and cost-effective solutions for your business.

Closing The Discussion

Artificial Intelligence has crossed a great distance, and it is still evolving. Therefore the stakeholders in different business sectors are eying to make the best use of the technology.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology developed for the future. Therefore, you need to make the best use of it to leverage your business possibility.

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