The Top Free 5 Email Spam Testing Tools to Improve Deliverability

by Technology 10 November 2023

Email Spam Testing Tools

Conducting comprehensive evaluations of your email campaigns through email spam testing tools is no longer a mere choice but an essential practice for contemporary marketing teams. 

The pursuit of creating highly effective email campaigns that successfully circumvent spam filters may appear to be an elusive goal. Nonetheless, the key to achieving this objective lies in diligently testing your messages, thereby guaranteeing an optimal experience for your subscribers.

Understanding the Role of an Email Spam Checker Tool

An email spam checker tool is a valuable piece of software designed to meticulously scrutinize your email content and elements. Its primary function is to identify any aspects that could potentially trigger spam filters. 

Consider it as your vigilant ally, working tirelessly to ensure that your emails land safely in your recipients’ inboxes, rather than being consigned to the dreaded spam folder. In essence, it serves as a virtual assistant, diligently double-checking your emails to enhance their deliverability and boost engagement rates. By leveraging this tool, you are proactively safeguarding the effectiveness of your email communication and fostering better connections with your audience.

Unveiling The Essentials Of Email Spam Testing Tools

 Essentials of Email Testing

When it comes to email testing, there are critical features to consider for a seamless and effective experience.

Here, we explore these essential attributes that are pivotal for enhancing your email campaigns:

1. Email Integration: A robust email testing tool seamlessly integrates with popular email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, and more. This ensures compatibility with your existing email infrastructure.

2. Spam Tests: An indispensable component of any email testing tool is its ability to assess whether your email campaigns can successfully navigate through common spam filters. Identifying and rectifying potential spam triggers is vital to ensure your messages reach the intended audience.

3. Sender Score: The software should provide insights into your sender score, a metric that gauges your chances of reaching your target audience. A higher sender score implies a greater likelihood of landing in front of your intended recipients, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

4. Defect Tracking: In the event of issues or discrepancies, a proficient email testing tool should efficiently flag and log them. This proactive defect tracking allows your team to address any problems in a timely fashion, preserving the integrity of your email communication.

5. Deliverability Optimization: The platform’s value extends to delivering insights that optimize your email deliverability. These insights act as a guiding light, enhancing the probability of your emails reaching their intended destination.

Incorporating these pivotal features into your email spam testing tools will empower you to fine-tune your campaigns, improve engagement, and elevate the overall impact of your email communication.

With this in mind, we are to present to you a curated selection of email testing tools that are poised to become indispensable resources in your email marketing endeavors. 

Send Check It

Send Check It

Send Check It – a valuable resource tailored for freelancers and small businesses seeking to enhance their email subject lines. This user-friendly solution empowers you to identify as well as address issues within your subject lines. Thereby ensuring a more compelling and effective email campaign.

Accessibility is a key hallmark of Send Check It; it is readily available to anyone with an email address. By simply inputting your subject line, this tool undertakes an automated evaluation, delivering a comprehensive assessment of its performance. You can expect insights into scannability, readability, word length, and more.

Moreover, Send Check It provides invaluable suggestions for subject line improvement. These recommendations span personalization and punctuation enhancements, further enhancing your email’s impact.

Key Features:

  • Subject line scoring
  • Spam word detection
  • Sentiment analysis for marketing emails
  • Extensive subject line database


These email spam testing tools are not only effective but also budget-friendly. It is available for free. To access your results, simply provide your name and email address, and you’re all set to optimize your email subject lines.

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Unlock the potential of your email campaigns with GlockApps, an invaluable tool meticulously designed to enhance your email deliverability. Tailored for a diverse range of businesses, including SMBS, eCommerce, and SaaS enterprises, this solution is your gateway to overcoming common email challenges and achieving higher open rates.

GlockApps boasts a comprehensive suite of features dedicated to ensuring your emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes. From providing invaluable insights into inbox placement to conducting essential spam test across major internet service providers (ISPs), this tool equips you with the tools you need for success. Notably, it offers DMARC analytics, uptime monitoring, and bounce tracking.

One standout feature is GlockApps’ Domain Checker, a powerful defense mechanism to safeguard your domain against malicious exploitation and fortify your business against spoofing attacks.

Key GlockApps Features:

  • Inbox email tester and insights
  • Bounce analytics
  • Sender reputation tests
  • Domain check tool


GlockApps offers flexible pricing options to cater to your specific needs. You can get started with a Personal Free Plan, which includes 3 email spam tests, 10,000 DMARC messages, and 10 uptime and Reputation Monitors (with a 2-week trial).

Mail Tester: Effective Email Spam Testing Tools

Mail Tester 

In the realm of email deliverability, Mail Tester stands as a beacon of accessibility and reliability. This invaluable tool offers a no-cost solution, making it an ideal choice for individuals and small businesses with budget constraints.

Mail Tester simplifies the intricate process of email deliverability testing, providing users with swift and accurate results in a matter of seconds. This feature is particularly advantageous for those seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of their email campaigns promptly.

Furthermore, Mail Tester offers robust capabilities for examining and verifying critical elements of email infrastructure, including SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Email) records. It goes beyond the surface to scrutinize your mail server, IP address, and content, identifying potential spam-related issues that could compromise your email delivery.

Notably, Mail Tester collaborates seamlessly with SpamAssassin, bolstering your efforts to maintain a clean and effective email channel.

Key Mail Tester Features:

  • SPF & DKIM testing option
  • IP address verification
  • Mail server testing
  • Configuration reports
  • SpamAssassin collaboration

Pricing Of These Email Spam Testing Tools:

Mail Tester is not only a powerful email testing tool; it’s also freely accessible to all. To harness its capabilities, simply visit its website, and you’re on your way to optimizing your email deliverability.

Spam Check by Postmark

Spam Check by Postmark

In the realm of email delivery, Postmark’s SMTP email delivery service has earned its reputation as a trusted solution. In addition to its primary services, Postmark generously offers a suite of invaluable email testing tools, which are particularly beneficial for bloggers, marketers, and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

One notable tool in their arsenal is the Spam Score Checker, provided free of charge. This tool empowers users to swiftly identify potential issues within their emails by utilizing the renowned SpamAssassin technology. By simply integrating your email code into the tool and leveraging the lightweight JSON API, you can efficiently process spam scores within your applications.

Meanwhile, should you aspire to harness Postmark’s SMTP relay service as part of your email strategy, you may explore their available paid plans.

Key Postmark’s Features:

  • Lightweight JSON API for seamless integration
  • SpamAssassin score assessment
  • Streamlined spam score processing
  • User-friendly interface for ease of operation


The Spam Check email spam testing tools by Postmark are offered at no cost. Thus making it a valuable resource for enhancing your email deliverability. For those seeking additional features, it may complement other email deliverability tools in this comprehensive list, further fortifying your email campaigns.



In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, Optimizely stands as a steadfast ally, enabling businesses. This includes SMBs, non-profits, as well as online stores, to embrace data-driven strategies for continuous improvement. This versatile platform offers a range of pricing plans, including limited free options, ensuring accessibility to organizations of varying sizes and budgets.

Optimizely empowers you to conduct concurrent experiments, facilitating the refinement of your marketing strategies. With a suite of advanced tools at your disposal, you can experiment with various elements, optimizing your messages and enhancing overall engagement.

Notably, beyond email A/B tests, Optimizely provides a comprehensive web experimentation environment. Their no-code visual editor enables you to explore different user interface (UI) variants, enabling personalized website messaging that resonates with your audience and drives higher conversion rates.

Key Optimizely Features:

  • Digital experience tool
  • Web experimentation
  • No-code visual editor
  • Multivariate testing
  • Rollout tool


Optimizely’s offerings cater to a wide spectrum of business needs. You can begin with their Free Rollouts plan, designed for feature flagging and experimentation. To access the full array of Full Stack or Web tools, a range of paid plans is available.

Wrap Up

The significance of email spam testing tools transcends the size of your business; it is indispensable for all. As highlighted earlier, testing constitutes a pivotal component of your marketing strategy. Therefore, it is imperative to proactively seek out the most effective platforms and incorporate them into your marketing arsenal without delay. 

By doing so, you can optimize your email campaigns and fortify your engagement strategies, ultimately contributing to your business’s growth and success.

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