Effective Steps toward Becoming a Hi-Flying Cloud Computing Expert

by Technology Published on: 12 February 2018 Last Updated on: 25 September 2018

Cloud Computing

This seems to be the most opportune time for working in the highly-progressive cloud computing industry. As organizations are modernizing their IT and adopting DevOps and Agile processes, they are gradually shifting to cloud-computing environments. This has obviously, resulted in the generation of huge demand for professionals with cloud computing expertise. The market seems to be, especially buoyant in the United States, where cloud computing professionals are some of the highest earners among IT professionals.

The most interesting thing is that this boom is certainly not limited to the technical jobs only. Professionals with proficiency even in cloud brokerage and cloud sales are also very much in demand. Moreover, a cloud computing career could be highly rewarding one as it involves innovative methods of planning, or developing, testing, or even implementing IT projects to make things happen quickly and conveniently and switchover smoothly from the conventional IT financial accounting successfully to OPEX model.

Step No.1: Get a Strong Hold over Cloud Computing Concepts:

If you are aspiring to become a highly-regarded cloud computing expert, you must have a strong hold over the key cloud computing terms and concepts. It is necessary for you to acknowledge and comprehend the flexible nature associated with the typical on-demand cloud computing environment.

You must have grasp over the key cloud computing concepts as this seems to be of great importance to both the operators and the prospective cloud developers who would be concerned with the planning, implementation, organization, management of workloads and other logistics involved.

DevOps is the key concept in cloud computing as it helps in bringing together the roles of operations and development, largely via automation tools and agile practices. In order to master DevOps, it is essential to have a grasp over some other important cloud aspects like CI or Continuous Integration, virtualization, containers, and CD or Continuous Delivery.

Begin by learning all the basic concepts. Then gradually start developing your knowledge by concentrating on specialized areas like cloud-oriented technologies or specific vendor platforms because this would help you in staying ahead of the competition. Seek professional assistance from reputed cloud services New Jersey.

Step No.2: Acquire the Wealth of Practical Experience:

You must understand that it is quite an easy task to acquire practical or work experience in cloud computing because all the foremost cloud vendors allow you to try using their platforms completely free of cost. These free trials help in getting valuable first-hand experience regarding the way diverse vendor platforms actually function and the crucial business advantages they offer. You may initiate your own unique IT project that would be using the well-known open-source technologies like Docker, OpenStack, and Chef.

Step No.3: Learn Novel & Innovative Technologies:

Prospective cloud engineers, architects, operators, and developers would require mastering of cloud-based technologies. Technology awareness is critical to several cloud roles. For instance, a CIO would be able to make effective and informed decisions relating to IT strategies, thanks to deeper technological insight. An ITFM would be appreciating the financial advantages of cloud adoption if he has sound knowledge of the latest technologies.

Moreover, cloud sales teams would be well-equipped to understand the requirements of prospective customers better if they remain upgraded with the latest technologies. If you are aspiring for a successful career in cloud, you must learn Linux, the leading operating system dominating the cloud world.

Step No.4: Achieve Industry-Recognized Certification:

You must achieve an industry-recognized certification to prove that your cloud computing skills are very much up to the standard. Two of the major vendors including Azure and AWS also offer comprehensive cloud computing training courses, as well as, assessments for consolidating your practical experience.


Some individuals would be able to quickly get a strong grip on the cloud, while others would be requiring little more time. This would be depending largely on your experience and background. It is really essential to stay committed to your objectives and go on learning about the cloud at your own pace. Rest assured that the actual popularity of cloud computing would be growing consistently and the need for cloud computing professionals would be on the rise.


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