The Luxury Car Industry: Shifting Gears

by Automotive Published on: 21 January 2019 Last Updated on: 17 July 2019

The luxury car makers and designers need to be on top of their game to stay relevant. The buyers of these vehicles are willing to pay a premium for extra features. The demand for the best performance and luxury in this category of vehicles is high compared to standards vehicles. To address this demand, the manufacturers have been moving to improve these vehicles in all dimensions.

While owning a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon or a Ferrari is good enough for many, people may not understand what the designers go through to make their models count in this luxury segment of vehicles. This article explores various ways these manufacturers are adding innovative features.

Smart Computer Chips:

The use of computers is now widespread because they can be integrated almost everywhere. Today, almost all new vehicle models have some form of a computer. Luxury vehicles use smart computers with the capability to give different commands. Have you ever thought about what controls the automatic AC in the car and causes it to match the appropriate temperatures? The exotic vehicles are so sophisticated that people may not understand them fully unless they are experts. We can only experience the luxury, safety, comfort, and convenience they offer.

Sensors All Over:

The manufacturers of luxury vehicles are raising the bar through the integration of sensors all over. The most trending technologies that use sensors are automated braking systems and 360-degree driver assistance. It is almost impossible to find luxury cars that do not have these options. Their main purpose is to increase the safety of vehicles and passengers inside. Soon, people may have to make minimal driver inputs when driving because cars can do much of the work with the help of the integrated sensors.

Predictive Devices:

To take safety to another level, luxury vehicle manufacturers have been incorporating predictive technologies. Think about it this way; automated headlights or wipers can sense when it is getting dark or it is about to rain and switch on. Also, other technologies like cruise control and automated braking systems use predictive technology to control the vehicles without the use of a driver. All luxury vehicles rented by use these technologies to increase the user’s safety.

Self-Driving Cars:

Some countries are already testing self-driving vehicles. The level of sophistication in the vehicles is so high that all the passenger needs are to supply the destination and relax while being driven by computers. Self-driving vehicles will soon hit our roads with a bang as the manufacturers are spending sleepless nights trying to reach this point.

Benefits of Raising the Bar:

The main reason why all manufacturers of high-end vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, and many others are competing so hard is to meet the demands of the buyers. As mentioned earlier, people are ready to pay a premium to drive a car that is out of this world. The more they improve their vehicles, the more they build a reputation. Each of these brands would like to have a unique technology that differentiates them from others.

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