Finding the Perfect Used Car for You

by Automotive Published on: 17 March 2018 Last Updated on: 17 May 2018

Used Car

Few things are as exciting in life as buying your first car. You have this feeling of achievement; like you have finally made it and you are unstoppable. You say bye bye to public transport and get to enjoy quiet drives in the countryside with the music turned up if you so wish.


Let us not forget that your choice of music is unquestioned. It is your car and you can play metal at all decibels if you so wish.


There is only one little hitch; you know zilch about cars. You probably have your dream car in mind…maybe a Lamborgini? A luminous orange one? That is not what you are looking for right now. That will come much later on in life. That you will have happily settled for an SUV is neither here nor there at the moment.


When you are racking your brains about what to do, you will remember that Google has all the answers. So you will get your laptop running and type, say, or whichever website that catches your fancy.


You have found a list of used cars that look feasible. Here are a few tips on buying one that suits your needs:

1. Your budget

You do not want to use up all the money you have set aside to buy your used car. Whether you have taken out a loan or you painstakingly saved up for this moment, you need to remember that there other costs besides the price that will be quoted.

  • Service charges: A second-hand car may need a few bolts and screws checked from time to time or new tires, as well as maintenance. Set some funds aside for such eventualities.
  • Ownership costs: Fuel and insurance

2. Target list

You are not going to buy the first car you land on. What make do you want? Toyota? Mercedes? Volkswagen? While you should not fixate on one brand, it pays to know exactly what you want. Have a few brands to compare and remember not to go outside your budget. You might get excited and decide to go for a pricey ride because it is such a beautiful beast.

3. Compare prices

Remember that you have a budget to guide you. You must also remember the funds set aside for insurance and any replacements that your new ride may demand. With that in mind, you may need to check out several dealerships and compare prices before you make a decision. Find out from other buyers what they paid for the models that you are considering to buy.

4. Vehicle history

If you are buying the car from someone you know, like an old friend or a family member, you will need the history of the vehicle you have chosen. With people you know intimately, you probably know the history already. There are sources that provide such history. If your car has a clean history and nothing has been meddled with, you are good to go.


Remember to get all the information you need and to seek advice from experts and other buyers even and others that have a wealth of information on good used car models.


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