Autonomous Driving Automobiles And Accidents: What You Should Know

by Automotive 21 April 2021

Autonomous Driving Automobiles And Accidents

The automobile industry has achieved significant heights in the last decade. After the evolution of autonomous driving technology, it will not only change the way we drive but the idea of car ownership. Driverless cars are going to be the next big challenge for the automobile industry.

Since the number of car accidents is growing rapidly, technology companies came forward with the innovative idea of autonomous driving. The main reason behind the driverless car idea is to reduce traffic and accidents. In this article, you will know all about autonomous automobiles and accidents.

Things to Know About Autonomous Vehicles and Accidents:

According to a reputable New York Car Accident Lawyer, the average number of motor vehicle accidents in all of New York City is around 15,000 -21,000 per month before the coronavirus pandemic. Now the biggest question is: can autonomous vehicles become a reality? If so, will it reduce motor vehicle accidents?

Will There be Still Crashes With Autonomous Driving?

According to a reputed New York Car Accident Lawyer, human error is the key reason for most car accidents. So, it’s evident that the number of car accidents can be reduced with autonomous cars.

However, there is no 100% guarantee that there won’t be crashes with autonomous driving. Recently, there was an accident caused by real-world testing of driverless cars by Uber in 2018. So, technology still needs improvement for real-world applications.

Do AVs Safe for Cyclists and Pedestrians?

Although a lot of advancement has been made in the autonomous driving field, there are still some questions about the accident risks. Technologists need to ensure that driverless cars can detect pedestrians and cyclists and function accordingly to prevent accidents. If any accidents occur, pedestrians or cyclists should file a personal injury lawsuit for the incident.

Will You Still Need Car Insurance?

Yes, you will need car insurance if you’re the owner of the car. However, the insurance will be different from the traditional insurance that we have for our normal cars. When you purchase the car, the manufacturer will offer you the insurance.

Since there will be two types of autonomous cars, semi-autonomous and fully autonomous, the insurance plans can differ. The premium of insurance can vary from car to car. But you will need insurance for autonomous driving cars.

Who Will Be Liable If Self-Driving Cars Kill People?

When there is an accident, and someone dies, people want to blame. In the case of a human driver, people naturally blame the driver. But whom to blame or who will be liable if a self-driving car kills someone? To address this issue, let’s understand it from the Uber AV fatality case in 2018.

The Uber AV Fatality:

In 2018, an autonomous driving car was operated by Uber for real-world testing. In that incident, an emergency driver was inside the car, but it struck and killed a pedestrian who was walking outside of a crosswalk. Uber quickly stopped its self-driving operation after the incident.

After the real-world fatality, many questions were raised. Why didn’t the car notice the pedestrian and stop? Why did the emergency driver do something to prevent the accident? Who is at fault; the technology or the humans involved in it?

After several considerations, finally, Uber was proved to be liable for that incident. So, we can say that technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Sensor Technology still need advancement for real-world usage of autonomous cars.

Final Words:

Hopefully, the above article has helped you know about autonomous driving automobiles. Perhaps, driverless cars can be a reality in the coming years.

However, we have to travel with our conventional vehicles until those autonomous cars become the primary mode of transportation. So, you should be careful about driving and take necessary actions when you meet an accident. No matter what causes a car accident, it’s wise to consult a Newyork Car Accident Lawyer who can deal with your case.

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