Important Features of Cloud Computing You Should Know!

by Cloud Computing 22 July 2021

Cloud Computing

Did you know that cloud computing is a technology using computing resources such as software and hardware, giving services over a network? The technology employs storage, servers, services, applications, and networks to offer on-demand and convenient services with less management effort and service provider interaction.

In short, cloud computing accesses or stores data or applications over the internet rather than using a hard drive. Using the cloud as a technology, services such as infrastructure, storage, and software can be presented. That makes cloud computing more like a business model where the service provider can keep and maintain all the assets.

You see, cloud computing is getting more famous as the day passes by. The reason behind that is the slow development of businesses that need a place where they can store their data. Hence, organizations are in competition to offer significant space to keep data together with the different quality services and features.

Take note that it has been discovered that cloud computing is a model for allowing on-demand, convenient, and ubiquitous network access to computing resources.

The three major reasons which make cloud computing a huge deal out of the many advantages it provides are as follows:

  • The services could be accessed at any time, from anywhere with a device and internet connection
  • Infinite in size, so you won’t run out of capacity
  • Low on management and maintenance from the user’s side

Nonetheless, would you like to leverage the best from that business model, both technologically and commercially? Then it will if you dig deeper and learn the important features of cloud computing.

What are the core features of cloud computing?


Below are the key features you need to know when it comes to cloud computing.

Pay as you go

When it comes to cloud computing, users need to pay only for the service or the space they have used. There’s no extra or hidden charge to be paid. You see, the service is very cost-efficient, and often space is allotted without any charge.


That is only the one-time investment a company has to purchase. They only need to purchase the storage, and a small portion of it can be given to the different companies. That saves the host (company) from monthly or yearly expenses. How awesome is that?

You see, only the amount spent is on basic maintenance, and some little expenses are very much less.


In case you didn’t know yet, the capabilities of the cloud could be changed as per the use and could be extended many times. It evaluates the storage use and enables the user to purchase additional cloud storage if required for a very less amount.

Simple maintenance

Another important feature of cloud computing is that it’s simple to maintain. The servers are effortlessly maintained, not to mention the downtime is extremely low. In some situations, there’s no downtime as well.

As you can notice, cloud computing always comes up with an update every time by slowly making it better. The updates are much compatible with the devices and perform much faster compared to old ones. The bugs are often fixed too.

How awesome is that?

Resource pooling

What does this mean? Well, it suggests the cloud provider such as Cloud Extract pulled the computing resources to offer services to numerous customers through a multi-tenant model. You will also find other virtual and physical resources allotted and reassigned depending on the customer’s demand.

Normally, the customer does not have any control or info over the location of the given resources. Nonetheless, they can specify the location at a greater level of abstraction.

Measured service

Keep in mind that cloud computing resources are utilized for monitoring, and the organization uses them for recording purposes. That resource use is evaluated by supporting a charge-per-use capability. That simply indicates the resource us that can be virtual server instances running in the cloud are always monitored. The service provider also reports them.

Take note that the model pay-as-you-go is variable according to the real use of the manufacturing company.


One of the best features of cloud computing is, of course, cloud security. It establishes a preview of the data kept. Hence, the data might not get lost even when one of the servers gets ruined. You see, the data is stored inside the storage devices. It cannot be easily hacked and used by any unauthorized individual. The best part here is that the storage is reliable and fast at the same time.

Automatic system

Did you know that cloud computing also automatically evaluates the data required? It also supports a metering ability at some level of its services. You can easily track, control, and report the overall usage. That will offer you transparency for the host and the customer as well.

Massive network access

What’s more than having massive network access? With cloud computing, you can effortlessly access the data of the cloud. On the other hand, you can also upload the data to the cloud anywhere you are. You can all do that with a device and a stable internet connection.

These capacities are accessible all over the network and can be accessed through the internet.

On-demand self-service

Finally, we have on-demand self-service. This is another one of the significant features of cloud computing. But what does it suggest? It means the user can constantly track the allotted network storage, capabilities, and server uptime.

With that feature, you can also track the computing capacities.

Final Thoughts

These days, nearly everything is stored on the cloud, running on the cloud, or accessed from the cloud. That makes cloud computing the most in-demand technology in every field of business and economy.

With flexible use, controlled risk, measurable costs, and more, cloud computing has become the best platform of choice for massive uses, data storage, and enterprise technology development.

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