The Best Neon Signs For Events

by Business Published on: 08 February 2023 Last Updated on: 25 March 2023

Best Neon Signs For Events

Preparing any space for your event or special occasion, which means a lot to you and your family, can be difficult.

You won’t just take care of food and music. You will also have to handle everything. In other words, you will have a lot on your plate. And missing any of that can’t give you the results you need.

When getting everything done, it is only natural to go for conventional décor and designs, which may give you want.

But do you know you could be missing other inspiration and ideas, which can be much better than what you already have in your mind?

A custom neon sign is a perfect example because not many individuals consider it when decorating a space for their events.

Instead, they are mostly seen in nightclubs, bars, or other places. So if you are looking for something unique for your event or special occasion, the best neon signs could be all you need.

But Why Neon?

Why do most individuals choose to have neon signs for their special events or occasions? And should you do the same?

The response is yes! Neon signs are arguably the perfect pieces of decor you may add to your special event.

With neon signs, you can add a theme to your wedding. Especially custom neon signs can give any wedding event a dramatic appearance. Not to mention, they elevate wedding celebrations and, at the same time, add class and elegance.

Another great thing about neon signs is that they create a good atmosphere at events. Think of the time you went dancing floors, festivals, or even concerts. One of the things, which sets the mood in such places you’ve been to is lighting.

Neon signs can transform any space completely with just the choice of colors you make. For instance, a warm white neon sign is perfect for an inviting, warm, and romantic environment, while something vibrant, such as pink, lends itself to fun party vibes. In addition to that, neon signs are:

  • Versatile
  • Portable

What Type Is The Best?

Finding the best neon sign may, at times, be tiresome and difficult, and you might feel as if you are running in circles.

Well, there are different sign options you may opt for, ranging from illuminated signage to LED neon signs.

A good example is Crazy in Love. You will love this neon sign when connected to a couple’s sweetheart table or a backdrop for cute selfies. And when paired with flower walls, it will make a perfect sight, making them a suitable pair for weddings.

Another example is Love You More. This is a simple yet cute neon sign. It normally pairs well with different events. But you will love it more when you include it in your wedding. Some also opt to pair this neon sign with a copper pipe in order to add extra pizzas.

Stylish Event Neon Signs

If you are looking to show a first impression, using some neon signs on 3D projections is a perfect way of welcoming guests to your event. Neon signs are both welcoming and warm, and importantly, they can give you a chance to set the right tone for your event. With that in mind, you can combine some neon signs with 3D projections for somewhere less obvious, like the cloakroom.

The importance of using neon lighting for your event has a lot to do with appearance. Simply put, neon lights look good and may add excitement to the event. They can as well provide lighting, making neon signs a perfect asset in navigating corridors. Other neon lighting ideas you can consider may include the following:

  • Custom neon hashtags
  • Photo booth
  • Neon lighting for advertising and sponsors
  • String neon lighting
  • Props for interaction
  • Neon logos for business branding

1. Using Neon Signs

Mostly, neon signs are designed from neon flex tech, which is lighter and stronger than glass neon. In addition, they are safer to touch, making them suitable for kids’ parties.

Some even come with waterproof signs and lights. That makes them perfect for outdoor functions, garden parties, and the following occasions.

2. Party Décor & Corporate Events

Do you want something brilliant for a team event, a Christmas party, or a new product launch? There are many neon signs for the dance floor, photo booth, bar; you name it. You can also have something spectacular designed just for you, whether you want a hashtag, logo, or name included in it.

3. Baby Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries, & Weddings

Many event organizers and planners are continuously looking for neon signs and related products as an addition to their event décors.

Neon signs are perfect for brightening any event space or creating an eye-catching lynchpin with light and color. Therefore, you can design them to suit any event or occasion, from anniversaries to baby showers, birthdays, and weddings.

Choosing the Best Neon Signs

Whether you need neon signs for your place of work, event, or home, there are many decisions to make before you choose some.

Besides, the last thing you want is to place an order and find out later that they might have looked far, much better in different colors.

While it is often overlooked, color choice is an important aspect to look at. Go to big cities, such as Los Angeles, and you will see many buildings illuminated at night with neon signs. Green and red neon signs are two popular color options, mostly associated with dates, like St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

Another factor to consider is the size of the neon signs. This is an imperative aspect to consider and can affect the general appearance of neon signs. Thus, ensure you carefully measure your space. Other factors you may look at include type, budget, and design, to mention a few.

In a Nutshell!

Choosing decorations for your event or special occasion, like a wedding, should be exciting. This is especially true when choosing decors, like neon signs. And irrespective of the kind of event, neon signs are a show-stopper, not just for weddings but also for photo booths and corporate events.

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