Email marketing issues and how to overcome them

by Marketing Published on: 27 July 2021 Last Updated on: 30 September 2021

Email marketing issues

Email marketing is the most effective means of marketing. You get to reach out to your target audience directly. It is just like knocking on every door personally and explaining about your product. The return on investment is pretty high i.e. for every dollar you spend on email marketing you get $42!

However, every cloud has its silver lining. Even this marketing cannot hide from the wrath of obstacles. From a low engagement rate to reduced conversions, a business can face any challenges. So here are some of the common types of issues one faces and how to overcome them.

The engagement rate

The engagement rate

It is the most common issue every single business faces. Let’s say out of every 10 emails sent you might get 2 or even lesser responses. This can be pretty heart-wrenching, especially when you are starting a new business. However, consistency is the key here. The client might not show interest initially but, with the exclusive information and catchy subjects, they will begin to invest in your content.

One of the best ways to help in increasing engagements is through a Linkedin email finder. If you are a B2B business, LinkedIn is something you need to pursue seriously. You need to invest in a strategy that helps you connect with marketing professionals and executives from your target businesses. Being a professional platform, the chances of you targeting leads on LinkedIn is something that businesses need to target.

You cannot send a welcome email to the one who has been with you for over some time. Have a clear set of lists and keep sending emails as per it. By doing so, you’re accomplishing your first step in personalizing the email content that a reader looks for. 

Gaining the customers

Gaining the customers

The basic goal of email marketing is to gain as many customers as possible. But getting the specific customers from the target audience can become a task and a half. You need to clearly define all different sectors of the target audience then send them the emails accordingly.

These days accessing email contacts has become easier than expected. It is faster to find someone’s email address with AI-powered websites. is one such efficient website with an over 90% success rate. It can help you fetch hundreds of contacts in just a matter of seconds. It also comes with a chrome extension to Linkedin account so finding the emails of the profiles becomes smooth.

Personalizing the emails

Personalizing the emails

Did you know? The emails with personalized subject lines increase your ROI by 760%! However, it takes time for you to get there. Usually, the viewers’ interest to open an email is less than 17.8% on average. Then how can we increase the open rate and also turn the subscribers into buyers?

The answer is simple. Personalize. The first thing any person observes in an email is the subject line. How catchy is it? Does it include the receiver’s name or locality? Does it intrigue the person to open the email? You need to answer these questions to figure out how you want to attract customers.

Customer retention

It is easy to get new clients but quite difficult to retain the customers and their brand loyalty. If there is no importance given to the existing customers, then you will forever be chasing to get the new ones. It is not advisable for businesses growth. An increase in customer retention will ensure you have better profits.

Email is a platform to showcase your strengths to these existing clients. Build trust with them by providing exclusive information that nobody can access easily. Add value to your product or service and seek their feedback. Provide them service they can’t get elsewhere. The exclusivity makes them feel valued to stick to your brand.


99% of online consumers check their email every day. It gives you an understanding of how crucial email communications play. B2B marketers swear by email communication being the best means to contact the potentials. The CRM’s will help the sales with filtering the best that leads to increased sale deals.

There are so many pros than cons when it comes to email marketing. So take some time out in figuring out what works best for your company.

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