The Difference Between a Business Coach and a Marketing Consultant

by How to Guides 17 November 2020

Business Coach and a Marketing Consultant

Businesses often hire business coaches and marketing consultants to help them implement necessary in-house changes. But a business coach and a marketing consultant have very different job profiles. You need to know how they can help your business succeed if you want to hire either one.

Business Coach

Business Coach

A business coach is someone who is trained in helping businesses take off from the ground by helping and assisting the owners/management to grow the business. They work together with the management team and are usually hired either on a contractual basis or for a specific period of time. The primary job of a business coach is to motivate and inspire business owners as they try to grow their business. This makes them great for small businesses who need help starting off.

A business coach is interested in facilitating the careers of the business owners and entrepreneurs and works together with them. Instead of offering practical solutions, the business coach’s role is to inspire the business owner to find their own solutions. The coach will guide you towards the right answers and offer helpful advice along the way.

The skillset of a business coach is diverse. They are interested in all aspects of running a business and are well versed in different management structures. After doing their research and isolating the various issues your business has, the coach will work with you on improving your business. They may not necessarily be knowledgeable about your products, but their expertise lies in enabling business owners to be confident and successful, without any coaching, in the long run.

Essentially, they are here to mentor and guide you as you learn the ropes of leading a business. They will be aware of your goals and help you create business plans that can enable you to achieve those goals. Their main target is to ensure that your business continues to thrive after their time coaching you is over.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants are people who specialize in business marketing and scaling profits for a business. Without the right kind of marketing, your business is unlikely to take off. To compete with other businesses, you will need a strong marketing strategy that increases the awareness of your brand among consumers.

Marketing consultants are brought in to find solutions that can help generate more traffic, engagement rates, product sales, as well as increase the reputation of a business.

A marketing consultant will look at all the marketing data on your company, any previous advertising campaigns, what your competitors are doing, and more. They will analyze who your target audience is and find ways to improve and increase your interactions with them. Their primary target is to ensure that they provide marketing advice that leads to real returns on investment for your business.

Learn more about the responsibilities of a marketing consultant here.

Business Coach vs Marketing Consultant

In some ways, a business coach sounds very similar to a marketing consultant. Neither of them is an employee of the business, and both of them bring in fresh third-party perspectives for businesses. These can be invaluable to businesses and influence how fast the business can grow. Neither of them is paid in salaries, and they are usually hired on a contractual or a project basis.

However, it’s important to understand the differences so that you know exactly who to bring in to solve your business problems.

1) Inspire vs Educate

A business coach is not necessarily an expert in marketing. A marketing consultant is an expert in finding effective strategies that will help you reach a bigger audience and generate more sales, but they may not know how to run a business overall.

This means that business coaches offer a more holistic approach to running a business. Meanwhile, a marketing consultant will guide you on how best you can market your products to people who are likely to buy from your brand.

A business coach will encourage and inspire you to grow your business. A marketing consultant will locate weaknesses in your marketing and sales strategies and give you important insights on improving them.

2) Business Structure vs Business Profits

A business coach is interested in implementing necessary changes that can help the management build a strong company. They work individually with people and offer training sessions, advice, as well as mentorship. Their role is crucial in building a business, but they don’t affect sales and profits.

A marketing consultant is primarily brought in to increase profits. Their job is to leverage various marketing platforms to ensure that sales targets are met and exceeded. At the end of the project, their findings will inform you about how their strategies positively affected your business sales.

3) More Involved vs More Research Oriented

A business coach is usually hired by small businesses or entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a good management system and internal infrastructure. By working closely with the management team, the business coach is involved in the day to day running of the business. They must identify the right way to lead the business owner so that their goals can be achieved and sustained business growth is maintained.

A marketing consultant, on the other hand, doesn’t have such a direct influence on the running of the business. Through their research and analysis, they will provide important information to the business owner, with the intention of reaching financial targets.

4) Permanence

A business coach is more likely to become a permanent part of the business. As business owners grow and mature under the influence of their coach, they sometimes invite the coach to stay on and join the management team. As they’ve been a part of the business’ early growth, they eventually become a part of the organization and work with them for many years.

A marketing consultant is a temporary role. They are brought in for their expertise in marketing, and once the project is over, they find other work. A marketing consultant is also more likely to be a freelancer or work part-time at other places. A business coach has to spend a lot of time helping a business grow and tend to concentrate more on one or fewer clients.

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