Crucial Things You Need To Understand About Feminized Seeds

by Green Business Published on: 18 February 2021 Last Updated on: 17 September 2022

If you’re thinking about growing marijuana plants, one of the most important things you must consider is the plants’ sex. The marijuana that people inhale, smoke, or consume, comes from female plants. That’s because they’re the only ones that produce buds with cannabinoids like THC.

Every grower seeking to profit from their plants should consider feminized seeds because it’ll help them increase their yield. Male seeds are only vital during pollination. Unfortunately, retaining them amongst your plants may lead to a reduction in yields. You can find quality feminized seeds in online stores like i49. This article highlights some crucial things that you need to know about these seeds.

What Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

What Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Female marijuana plants are the only ones that can produce buds capable of creating flowers that are used in most products. Feminized seeds are developed when regular seeds are sprayed with chemicals to prevent them from becoming hermaphrodites.

Planting these seeds will guarantee you 100% female plants that will produce flowers. They’re bred to eradicate male chromosomes found in seeds, ensuring that only female plants are produced. Exposing feminized seeds to stressful conditions makes them self-pollinate and produce high levels of CBD and THC.

Pros Of Growing Feminized Seeds:

Feminized seeds can offer you several benefits. But here are the main ones:

1.Better Yields:

Every grower aims to get a bountiful harvest from their plants. Feminized seeds are created to give you a bountiful harvest of flowers specifically.

2.They’re Easy To Grow:

Growing cannabis plants from regular seeds may be quite stressful because it’ll require you to separate the male plants from the female plants after a month. The necessary conditions for growing regular seeds need constant monitoring that may occupy most of your time.

However, you can lessen the time you use to monitor your plants by planting feminized cannabis seeds. Because you don’t need to eliminate male plants before pollination, you’ll have time to do other essential things.

Some people fear that their feminized seeds may produce hermaphrodites. However, you don’t have to worry, especially if you’ve bought your seeds from a reputable seller.

The feminized seeds that early feminizers used could quickly become intersexual because of their genetics that were transferred to the seeds. Currently, the chemical sprayed to the plants doesn’t compromise the seeds’ genetics.

Cons Of Feminizing Seeds:

1.They Inhibit The Production Of Male Seeds:

Feminizing may not be a good option if you intend to produce male seeds because they inhibit their development. Male seeds are essential for breeding and creating new strains.

2.You May Buy Low-Quality Seeds:

If you don’t want to feminize your own seeds at home, the only option is to buy them from an online store. Unfortunately, some sellers may give you seeds that were created from a low-quality feminization process. That may make them become hermaphrodites.

Ways Of Feminizing Cannabis Seeds:

You can feminize your seeds in two main ways: applying chemical substances that trigger pollination or naturally. Severely stressed female plants become hermaphrodites and generate pollen sacks for pollination. All-female plants have this survival mechanism, though it’s triggered when the plant’s future lineage is threatened.

The natural method of feminizing seeds may result in many intersexual plants that may disadvantage breeding. Hermaphrodites can pollinate other female plants and inhibit buds from developing, thus leading to seeds’ production.

Feminizing cannabis naturally may also increase their chances of developing weaker strains. They may be compromised that they turn into hermaphrodites to withstand threats within the environment.

The best way to feminize your plants is to spray the seeds with colloidal silver. This chemical stimulates the plant to grow pollen sacks and doesn’t compromise its genes. The tools you require to perform this operation include alligator chips, colloidal silver solution, soldering iron, distilled water, and a 9-volt battery.

You can perform feminization at home in the following few simple steps:

1.Select Two Female Plants:

The plants you settle on should have strong genes. Treat one with chemicals to make it grow male sex organs and pollinate the other one.

2.Purchase Colloidal Silver Solution:

This solution is sold in dietary supplement stores. Ensure that it has at least 30ppm.

3.Spray The Solution:

In the first four weeks, after the plants have started to flower, spray the solutions to the bud sites until they’re soaked. When you notice the pollen sacks forming and starting to open, you can stop. Don’t smoke buds that develop from the plants because they’re coated with the colloidal silver solution.

4.Collect Pollen:

Swollen pollen sacks are an indication that they can be harvested. Once they’ve split open, remove them from the plant and air-dry them for one week. After they’ve dried, shake them in a container to collect the feminized pollen.

5.Pollinate The Second Females:

Use the pollen you collected to pollinate the other plants. They should be in their second or third week of flowering.

6.Harvest Seeds:

After six weeks, you can start harvesting the seeds. You can know that they’re ready to be harvested if their calyxes are swollen and exposing seeds.

Other ways include:


Rodelization is easily accessible, though it may not be the most efficient method. That’s because you have to rely on the marijuana plant to act. This technique requires you to keep the female plant in the flowering stage beyond the harvesting time. This stresses the plant, making it develop pollen sacks.

You can harvest pollen after the sacks develop to maturity. It may be a good technique if you have marijuana plants that positively react to stress. However, if you use strains that don’t produce pollen when stressed, you may end up losing. So ensure you find a strain with a history of developing sacks.


You can also clone female cannabis plants to produce great seeds. This method is cost-efficient and guarantees success. In fact, it doesn’t require you to use seeds but gives you female plants and buds. The main downside of cloning is that it can only allow you to develop a single strain at a time. It doesn’t give room for experiments.

Bottom Line:

If you’re a grower who’s just starting, it would be best to create your feminized seeds. If you don’t have time, you can buy them from a reputable seller. Ensure that you understand these basic principles before contacting your seller.

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