Why to Purchase a Home in King County, Washington

by Real Estate 15 January 2021

King County

King County is a county in the northern state of Washington. As of a fairly recent census, the county recorded over 1,900,200 people who would reside within its area.

Apparently, people love King county because it has the most residents within the State of Washington. Did you also know that King County is also holding thirteenth place for its large numbers of people within the whole United States?

You might not know that it holds Seattle as its county seat. Indeed, the administrative center or seat of government for King County is in Seattle. That is another prominent reason why this county is popular.

It is a prominent county that keeps its pace with Washington counties that are part of the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metropolitan group. If you didn’t realize by now, King County and, by extension, King County real estate is a big deal.

Here is what you need to know about a home in King County, Washington, and why it can be a fantastic idea to purchase a home there today. Click here.

Suburbs Are A Key Part Of King County Real Estate

Key Part Of King County Real Estate

Did you know that over two-thirds of the people that reside within King County can be found within the suburbs?

Buyers and other individuals are looking at ways to find the best spots in the Washington State area without having to pay significant prices and face substantial competition for their potential homes. That is why, while they may desire to live in the city, in places like Seattle, they can find amazing deals and opportunities in the suburbs.

There are a great many towns that one can find to the south and east of the Seattle area that still falls under King County.

Popular suburbs within King County include Kirkland, Burien, and Kent. These suburbs have great features and communities that serve as an excellent place for people to visit, stay, and grow their families and build a life around them.

For instance, Kirkland has been growing at a rapid rate within King County since 2011. The beautiful city rests by north Lake Washington and has been able to witness a significant surge in population growth. Different experts note that the population has grown by over 60%.

It is An Area With A Decent Income Population

Income Population

The famous saying is to surround yourself with those that you would like to become, and you will find yourself with a similar quality of life over time.

Did you know that as of 2011, this county captures the 86th spot as one of the highest income counties within the general United States?

This means that you are likely to find fantastic people, great communities, wonderful schools, and terrific employment opportunities within the King County area.

This County Can Grow Further

It is always good to have flexibility in life and room to grow. King County contains over 2,300 square miles. It has just the right mixture of land and water. That means that it has over 90% of space on that island, while water is around 8% of the total area.

To put that into perspective, King County has almost double the landmass as the whole state of Rhode Island.

There’s quite a bit of room to grow within the area. That means there are possibilities for further development, more communities, and more places to move around for you to get comfortable within King County.

It also is situated near mountains, lakes, rivers, and national forests and parks for overall recreation. This county has everything you need from great housing to recreation and fantastic opportunities for personal and family growth.

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