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by Insurance 31 October 2023

Endowment Insurance

Endowment plans are more suggested as an opportunity to save for your child’s school, your retirement, or some other defined milestone. An endowment insurance plan is a type of savings/insurance hybrid product. A fresh generation of short-term endowment plans has recently emerged. Such endowment plans reach maturity in approximately two to six years, as opposed to requiring ten years or more.

There are two different types of endowment plans available. Insurance businesses in Singapore provide both short-term and long-term coverage. DBS, for instance, provides retirement plans that offer

  • Your recurring premiums will be invested in the fund(s) of your choice.
  • With welcome bonuses, annual premium bonuses, and loyalty bonuses in the form of extra units, you can make your money work harder.
  • Depending on your needs, you can add a premium waiver benefit rider to provide additional protection.
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Endowment Plans For Short-Term

People new to the field of economics are seeking interest in short-term products because of the low bank interest rates. Short-term endowment strategies are a competitive option for savings plans or fixed-income investments because of their reasonable yields, fewer commitment periods, as well as straightforward procedures.

Know more about Endowment insurance 

Endowment plans are savings plans that help you reach a goal amount in the future offered by insurers. You can allow the funds to reach maturity after paying the premium, then cash out more than you invested.


The premium you pay to capitalize your endowment strategy is the premium. It can either be paid in full upfront or expanded out over several years or months. The majority of short-term endowment plans have single premiums.

Policy expression:

Traditional plans might last for 10, 15, 20, or to a specific age (such as 75 or 80 years old). However, the maturation period for such an endowment program is between 2-6 years. Suppose you have to cancel your plan early, then there’s no chance of you receiving the promised returns. Also, you might not get your initial investment.

‘Capital Guaranteed’ at Maturity:

Many endowment strategies have this feature. This indicates that you will undoubtedly acquire at least the price you gradually invested when the policy’s term comes to an end. If you plan to cancel before the conclusion of the policy term, you will receive no guarantee at all. 

Benefits of Maturity:

The price of return on your actual investment after the period is your yearly percentage. While a few endowment plans simply offer guaranteed returns, others might divide the returns into components that are guaranteed and those that are not.

With endowment plans, the insurer invests your premium amounts in a “participating” fund instead of you. Nevertheless, you are devoid of the option to choose an apt investment portfolio. In case the fund performs well, a participating policy enables you to get some portions of the benefit. On the other hand, a non-participating policy will never allow you to receive anything over the promised return.


It refers to a tiny percentage of all your investments in an endowment plan. This can lower for short-term endowment schemes. On the occasion of total disability, death, or permanent disability, for instance, you can get insurance for 101%-105% of the total premium.


Endowment plans, typically those with a short-term or one premium, are not always available. Instead, they are issued in the form of “tranches,” which are very similar to Singapore Savings Bonds. 

Endowment insurance in Singapore is a popular investment option for individuals looking for a combination of insurance coverage and savings. It offers policyholders the opportunity to grow their wealth over a fixed period while providing financial protection in the event of death or critical illness.

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