4 Tips To Help Your Real Estate Website Rank Higher Locally

by Real Estate 26 October 2017


Many real estate agents may have a good website, but it might not rank very well on the local search engine results page. In fact, their website might not even be mentioned in the first few pages of the results. This is very troublesome since it essentially means that the website usually won’t be found and visited by a large majority of people. And if you are in such a position, then the below tips may be helpful in improving the ranking position of your real estate website.

Post Local Content

A good way to organically increase the rank of your website is to post quality local real estate content regularly. You only need to post one 1000-1500 word article per week or every two weeks. But make sure that it contains information that will be helpful for the other people who track the local real estate market. This serves two purposes. One, if the content is super useful to the visitors, then more and more people will check it out. As a result, your website will eventually rank higher on search engines for the relevant local keywords. Secondly, good quality content will be shared across the social media, increasing your credibility with the search engines, which might start to see your website as an authority. This will eventually enable most of your website posts to be at the top of the Google search results page.

Long Tail Keywords

Another thing to keep in mind is to incorporate long tail keywords into your website content as many times as possible. This is because local searches tend to be more specific than general searches since a person searching for something locally usually has a clear idea of what he is looking for and a good intention to purchase it. For example, instead of using terms like ‘illinois buy home’ in the articles, use long tail keywords like ‘buy home Illinois very cheap’ and such.


If you can get a large number of reviews about your service, then this can immensely help you in improving the rank of your website. Make sure that your office is listed with Google and try to gather as many positive reviews as you can. The more reviews you get, the more Google will perceive you as a legitimate and professional business. And this can also contribute to ranking your website higher.

Directory Registration

Make sure to register your service and website link at the various online real estate directories. This will not only act as proof that you are a genuine real estate agent, but can also drive backlinks to your website. Some of the websites you must list your business include Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, RedFin and so on.


In addition to the above, there are many other methods which can be used to improve your real estate website rank. Check out this great real estate SEO guide to know more about such tactics. And if you need any help managing the SEO efforts of your website, consult an experienced SEO expert who has dealt with real estate websites.


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