How to Choose the Best Washing Machine for Rental Property

by Real Estate 30 January 2018

Washing Machine

As a landlord, it’s important to provide suitable accommodations to attract quality tenants. One of the easiest ways to make life easier for the people in your building is to install commercial washing machines. Your tenants won’t have to lug their clothes to the laundromat, they won’t have to deal with any unsavory customers, and they will know who to go to if something happens. However, how do you get the best washing machine for rental property? Here are some tips to help!

If you are renting washing machines as a landlord, you need to ensure that they are in proper working order. While the rental company might tell you something else, the fact of the matter is that you have to do your due diligence here. Working with specialized maintenance and repair experts can help you avoid the hefty fines and penalties, which appliance rental companies are quite infamous for. For example, if you are a landlord that wants to make his or her life easier in terms of improving the lifecycle of a washing machine, you should contact-

1. Choose a name brand:

One of the easiest ways to get the best washer and dryer for your tenants is to go with brands with proven quality. As a rule, it’s a good idea to look into a Maytag or LG washing machine and dryer. They are both brands with a track record of success. Brands such as LG and Maytag won’t break down or require as much maintenance as other brands, making them a great option.

2. Go Green:

In many cases, you as the landlord will be responsible for the utility costs of the washer and dryer. To keep these costs down, you want to choose energy-efficient appliances that won’t use as much energy or water. Look for the Energy Star symbol or talk to a sales representative to learn which appliances will save you the most on your utility bills.

3. Consider used appliances:

You don’t necessarily have to go with a brand new appliance. Many people might not have a use for their Maytag or LG washing machine and dryer. You can actually save a lot of money on the initial cost while still giving your tenants a quality product to use. Of course, it’s important that your used appliance is tested before you buy it to ensure that it works.

4. Be prepared for repairs:

Brands such as LG don’t require extensive amounts of repairs because the brand makes quality products. However, all appliances require work every now and then. Be prepared with a toolkit and professional repairman in the case that your machine does break down. You also want to perform regular maintenance about once a year to catch any problems before they happen. This will prevent a headache for you and your tenants by preventing problems. Quality tenants will expect the facilities to work, and it’s your job as a landlord to maintain your facilities adequately.

5. Choose appliances at a reasonable price:

If the washing machine and dryer you choose cost too much, you might waste your money. Your tenant might find that the laundromat offers cheaper services and opt to take their clothes to the laundromat instead. Stay close to prices at your local laundromat to ensure that your tenants keep using the machines and you keep getting your money for the services.

6. Make the facilities comfortable:

You want to put your washing machine and dryer in comfortable accommodations so that your tenants will use them. Make sure that there is adequate lighting. You’ll also want to make sure that the laundry room isn’t too warm or cool. You also need to give your tenants enough space. Is there space for people to fold their laundry? If you have a larger building, you may even consider putting in a vending machine with snacks and drinks or tv while people wait.

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