Engage Your Employees In Lowering Your Business Carbon Footprint

by Green Business 23 February 2022

Carbon Footprint

Being a sustainable business is more important than ever before to reduce costs, create long-term efficiency and create a better company image. Even if your business is attempting to reduce its carbon footprint, you cannot achieve this without the engagement and support of your employees. 

Everyone in the business needs to work towards the company’s green ambitions. There are several ways that you can engage staff with becoming more involved, though. Now every business has a fixed goal like having green earth. How to lower your business carbon footprint?

4 Tips To Lowering Your Industrial Carbon Footprint

4 Tips To Lowering Your Industrial Carbon Footprint

Carbon and pollution generations are so harmful that every country has specific licenses for pollution control. And every factory is set up with an industrial filtration system for channeling out carbon footprint.

Here are four tips that you can apply to lower your industrial carbon footprint and industrial disposal.

1. Incentive Schemes

There are many ways that companies are already rewarding staff that is being considerate to the environment in their actions at work. For example, many companies now offer rewards for those getting to work in an eco-friendlier manner, such as through cycling or car shares. Reward processes for the employees have created an awareness among the employees.

Staff competitions can be arranged to reward those in the office that are making significant changes to support the company’s green objectives. Rewards could be money for the employee or their chosen charity, or they could be prizes or time off. You can streamline your carbon footprint disposal and boost your employee’s interest in the proper industrial disposal.

2. Digital Systems

2. Digital Systems

Going digital within as much of the business as possible is an obvious way to reduce paper waste and travel costs for meetings. There are plenty of areas within the business where this can be done, including finance, customer services, marketing, and HR. Reducing paper waste is directly impacting your carbon footprints disposal. You can make a contract with a recycling company to properly channelize your paper waste.

Within HR, online learning platforms UK can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint costs of a business, as employees will need to travel for training courses or meetings with HR, much less often.

3. Awareness Building

Awareness Building

Creating programs, news content, and special activities can all be effective ways of building awareness of your company’s green goals and the expectations of employees. It can also help to inform employees of their own carbon footprint and why it is important for them to reduce it. 

It is often useful to join forces with a charity or similar organization to provide information to employees and get involved in current campaigns. Many businesses will join specific national or international days or weeks to raise awareness of an issue. This is also a great PR opportunity for businesses looking to raise their green profile amongst customers.

4. Volunteer Days

Giving staff a set number of days in the year where they can volunteer for a worthy cause instead of working is becoming immensely popular. Many employees will now even look for these opportunities when signing up for a new role. 

This can provide better work/life balance for employees and increase their job satisfaction, as well as being good carbon footprint PR for companies and an opportunity to engage employees in causes that are important to the company.

Businesses can arrange volunteer days to suit specific causes that they are interested in, such as environmental ones. An example of this is a river clean-up afternoon, which entirely focuses on responsibility for having a clean environment.


Being creative is key to engaging employees to understand their own impacts on the planet and pull the team together to improve its overall footprint. As this issue continues to rise in importance, so do the methods of engaging people in the topic. Having a carbon footprint is not a good reputation for your business. But you can minimize the industrial disposal rate. And you are helping to get a better and greener earth.

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