The Importance of Using Revenue Run Rate in Your Business

by Business 03 November 2021

Revenue Run Rate

If you want to know how much a company is making then you need to take a look at its run-rate revenue. This number helps you when you are looking for an investment in the company or if the company is asking for a business loan from a bank. It also helps to see what sort of progress they have been making in the past few months and how much money they will make in the future.

This number might seem complicated at first, but once you learn what it means, it becomes easier to understand. There are a lot of different ways to look at run-rate revenue, but this article will show why understanding this term is important for investors and entrepreneurs.

What is Run Rate Revenue?

What is Run Rate Revenue?

Run rate revenue is the revenue a business has earned in the past and what it is forecasted to earn in the future. This number is very important for investors and entrepreneurs. By knowing the revenue your business is making in the future, you can see what sort of growth you are going to see over the next few months. You can decide what steps to take to get there faster and save more money for other important areas.

If your run-rate revenue is low, then you should know if there are any other changes that you can take in order to boost it. If it is low because of a lack of growth, then it could be a good idea to hire more staff or change your marketing approach.

Why Investors Care About Run Rate Revenue

There are a lot of reasons why you want investors to look at your business run rate. Some are obvious, some are not. Let’s look at the obvious reasons why investors care about a company’s revenue run rate.

Investors, and potential investors, want to see a strong company that is making a lot of money, as that is a sign that it has a great business. Run rate revenue helps to show investors that a business has the potential to make a lot of money and that it can continue to do so in the future.

Revenue Run Rate Can Show Potential

Running a business without any revenue can be really hard. Once the revenue starts coming in then you will be able to grow your business. As the run-rate becomes stronger and stronger you will be able to generate more revenue and continue to grow.

Why Entrepreneurs Care About Run Rate Revenue

Why Entrepreneurs Care About Run Rate Revenue

The important thing about the revenue run rate is that it helps to give a solid estimate of the future earnings of a business. When looking at companies that are a few years old, their revenue run rate is usually not so important because of the different amounts of money that they have already made.

For instance, if a company makes $100,000 a year and it is valued at $1 million dollars, it might not seem like it would make a big difference to know whether they are making $100,000 or $1 million. However, you would probably be concerned about knowing that they are only capable of making $40,000. When you have a company that has already made $100,000, then it can really make a difference in how much money it is able to make in the future.


A business is an investment and you need to forecast how much it is going to make in the future before you are going to invest or approve it for a business loan. The revenue run rate will show you how much money they make in the past few months and how much will it earn in the future. When you want to invest or loan capital to a company, it is important to know how much money it is making so that you can compare it with other companies in the same industry.

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