Scaling To New Heights: How Beusail Academy Fuels The Growth Of Million-Dollar Businesses

by Business Development 28 April 2023

Beusail Academy

Making your first million is a milestone to be proud of. But let’s be honest.

There’s always room for growth and improvement. Welcome to the world of high-earning entrepreneurs. Resting on your laurels isn’t an option here, and the pursuit of progress and purpose must continue. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. With proper guidance, you can take your success even further.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how digital marketing can help you scale to new heights. Strap in and discover new insights, strategies, and tools to propel your business to the next level of success.

Investing in Digital Marketing for Growth

Scaling your business requires a strategic shift towards digital marketing – not a choice, but a prerequisite. Your growth opportunities hinge on this move as you can engage with more customers, reach new audiences and enhance your digital footprint. You’ll also develop stronger customer relationships that encourage advocacy, foster brand loyalty, and stimulate growth.

Building an online presence that stands out isn’t difficult or costly. A solid marketing strategy, and seamless execution, are all you need to thrive. Moreover, a talented and innovative team that uses the latest digital tools and technologies, will amplify your growth prospects, delivering powerful results.

It’s the smartest decision you can make for your business — to build an in-house team of highly capable workers who can come up with and execute the best strategies that maximize ROI while staying true to your brand’s values. From paid social media campaigns, and email marketing to creating exceptional user experiences, everyone plays an integral role in making a mark online.

Digital marketing, when you do it with the right people, opens up endless opportunities to companies of all sizes, irrespective of their nature or reach. It’s the smartest, most essential investment for any organization seeking to upscale in today’s world. Without it, businesses risk being left behind by the competition, becoming invisible, or struggling to achieve the expected success. Choose digital marketing now – your business will thank you later.

Going Digital with the Masters

Beusail Academy’s Online Masters Program is for businesses making $1 million and up. This program helps you learn the fundamentals of digital marketing to help you craft a successful strategy to drive growth. With support for execution, you can reduce your dependence on third-party agencies by becoming an expert and implementing in-house.

The nine-month Online Masters Program provides invaluable support when you’re scaling your business online. It starts with a half-day strategy session, where you work with your mentors Beusail Academy co-founders Tamara Loehr and Natalie Nichols to craft your marketing plan. The session also includes an in-depth audit of your current online performance to identify which opportunities to focus on in the coming months.

Throughout the program, you’ll attend monthly deep-dive sessions and workshops with Beusail Academy’s CMO. These sessions will provide insights into the key drivers of online growth and practical strategies you can implement in your own business. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with industry giants who share their expertise and stories in monthly special appearances.

One of the program’s highlights is the training provided by Digital Marketer. This course offers a solid foundation in online marketing, enabling you to better manage your team and implement a framework for growth. You’ll also benefit from one-on-one mentoring and expert sessions tailored for your specific needs so you can delve deeper into the various aspects of digital marketing.

Finally, the Online Masters’ Program is designed to empower your in-house marketing team. With support and direction from an expert full-stack marketer working exclusively with you, your team will hit the ground running when it’s time to execute.

Overall, the Online Masters Program will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to scale your business. If you plan to expand your online presence and drive growth, this will be a well-rounded and engaging learning experience. It’s a powerful investment in your business’s future, enabling you to unlock its full potential and set a course for lasting success in the digital world.

Meet Your Mentors

Natalie Nichols and Tamara Loehr will be your mentors, guiding you and your team through your scaling journey. With their combined expertise in digital marketing and business growth, Natalie and Tamara provide valuable insights to businesses striving for success.

Specializing in online sales, Tamara Loehr is a globally recognized, award-winning entrepreneur with an impressive track record in growing brands from under $1M to over $10M. Tamara focuses on ethical brands in the beauty and wellness space.

She adheres to a rather strict mandate of cruelty-free, vegan, clean, female-founded, impactful, and sustainable products. Tamara believes that entrepreneurs, not governments, will solve the world’s problems. She is committed to embedding giving as a cost of goods and partnering with Buy1Give1 to support the U.N. Sustainability Goals.

On the other hand, Natalie Nichols is a digital marketing specialist whose passion lies in helping businesses tame the technology needed to realize online success. Throughout her career, Natalie has developed technology products, strategies, and roadmaps for various industries and managed portfolios with values exceeding $50M. She is an expert in social media advertising and driving traffic to attract and convert the perfect client.

Together, Natalie and Tamara form a powerhouse team of mentors. Their extensive experience, complementary skill sets, and commitment to ethical business practices make them the ideal guides for entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses online and create lasting impact in the digital world.


Success starts with a decision. If you’re ready to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, now is the time to apply to the Online Master’s Program. Tamara and Natalie offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses seeking to scale beyond $1 million.

As soon as you send your application, Beusail Academy will reach out to you so you can start working directly with them. With their help, you can optimize your online presence for maximum results, allowing your business to reach its full potential. Get ready to grow. Send your application today.

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