Questions to Ask Before Renting a Photo Studio

by Job & Career 12 November 2021

Photo Studio

As a photographer, never underestimate the need to have a dedicated workspace where you have total control of the elements to give your work consistency and tranquility.

One way to achieve this is to get a photography studio rental for your shoot. However, as you consider renting a space, it is essential to remember that getting the wrong photo studio will only result in headaches and frustrations.

To get the perfect photography studio, you need to ask the right questions. Here are the questions you should equip yourself with to get the right photography studio rental.

1. Which facilities are available?

1. Which facilities are available?

You want to make sure the rental you are getting is equipped for your type of photography. For instance, if you are looking to take photos of large objects that cannot fit in the studio, you might want ample space in the studio’s parking to accommodate you.

The photo studio should also have other equipment like light modifiers and reflectors, a backdrop holder, among other accessories.

If you are working with models, you might need a bathroom and dressing room for makeup and styling.

2. How much will the rental cost?

When it comes to rental spaces, one size never fits all. Photography needs vary, thus the equipment and space. Naturally, this will affect the overall cost of the rental.

Pay attention to the rental rates so that you can establish if you can afford the space and budget effectively. Some of the costs to look at include insurance, damages, and amenities fees, to mention a few.

Multiple options fit your budget, and you also have the chance to negotiate in most cases.

3. How accessible is the Photo studio?

3. How accessible is the Photo studio?

Depending on your photography needs, accessibility is a critical factor to consider when looking for a photo studio.

If you are working with clients, you want a photo studio in a location that can be accessed even through public transport.

4. How much space is available?

When asking this question, you have your equipment storage needs in mind. Also, you might want the studio to double as your office.

Ask how big the studio is to assess if it will accommodate your photography. For instance, if you focus on headshots and portraits, you don’t need a big photo studio. However, if you do crew photography, you will need a larger space.

5. How often will you be using the space?

5. How often will you be using the space?

If you will not be using the studio every day, there is no need to lease or rent the space for long-term use. Some studio rentals charge per hour or day of use. Consider the frequency of photography to determine if you will rent the space for an extended period.


Renting a photography studio is a good idea for an excellent photography career. While it may be challenging for professionals to get started, they can leverage studio rentals to kick off. Some studios are fully equipped with the best gear; some can double as an office and vary in size.

Ask yourself the above questions to find a photo studio that meets your needs.

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