Some Of The Best Clear Aligners Available In 2022

by Health Care Services 12 May 2022

Clear Aligners

The clear aligner market has seen continued growth in recent years. In fact, Invisalign sold over 1.6 million cases of clear aligners. Whilst the pandemic was projected to slow down the pace of consumption, it actually increased the market for at-home clear aligners.

Since the birth of Invisalign, new and innovative companies have emerged that compete with the brand. Many of these brands offer unique and interesting revisions of the original clear aligner.

Best Clear Aligners 2022:

Best Clear Aligners 2022

1. Candid

Candid is a unique clear aligner brand, as they offer a hybrid model. This is an interesting opportunity for consumers, as in the past brands either offered at-home or in-person treatment plans.

Candid was founded in 2017 when clear aligners began to gain significant traction in the dental and orthodontic market. Their clear aligners are affordable and are made using almost invisible plastic. This allows their product to be more comfortable and aesthetically appealing than braces. The brand started out as a remote, or at-home, clear aligner business.

However, they have recently transitioned into offering a hybrid solution that requires a consultation with a dentist. The chosen dentist then consults with Candid throughout the entire treatment plan.

This does not require significant in-person visits, as much of the treatment plan is still run from the consumer’s home. Candid has created CandidMonitoring, which helps any consumer supply their biweekly scans to their dentist. As a result of Candid’s hybrid model, consumers are required to live near a dentist within the Candid network.

Candid’s clear aligner treatment is often more affordable than Invisalign and is certainly more affordable than braces. However, it can be more expensive than other, at-home, clear aligner brands due to their new hybrid model.

2. Byte

Byte, unlike Candid, is a purely remote clear aligner brand. The company distributes its aligners and sends them to consumers’ homes. Like Candid, Byte’s aligners are clear and made out of plastic, and are designed to be customized to each individual’s teeth.

Because of the company’s remote model, consumers do not need to visit a dentist or orthodontist for a consultation at any point in the treatment plan. Byte monitors and assesses each consumer’s progress throughout the treatment plan. This is done from the comfort of the consumer’s home. This allows Byte’s prices and treatments to be very affordable.

Byte also offers a very fast treatment plan. Some consumers will finish their treatment plan after only four months. All at-home clear aligner treatment plans are relatively short in comparison to braces, but Byte is known for its quick turnarounds.

In addition to this, Byte’s customer service is efficient and speedy with responses. This is particularly important for consumer queries and concerns.

3. AlignerCo

AlignerCo is an at-home and remote clear aligner brand. Like Byte, the company makes customized aligners using molds or impression kits. AlignerCo then sends the customized aligners to their consumers.

AlignerCo is an incredibly affordable option for consumers. It is far less expensive than braces and Invisalign and is also cheaper than most in-person clear aligner services. Even with its affordable price point, AlignerCo offers a high-quality service and treatment plan. Consumers can also benefit from their financing options, which only some clear aligner brands offer.

Like most clear aligner companies, AlignerCo treats mild to medium-sized cases of misalignment. For more severe cases, in-person treatments are a safer and more conducive option. Many consumers choose AlignerCo for its affordability and the quality of its product. This is in conjunction with the reasons why people choose clear aligners in general: for their subtle appearance and unobtrusive nature.

4. SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub was founded in 2014 and was among the first companies to produce and manufacture at-home clear aligners. As a result, they have had many years to hone and improve their products.

The company has over 300 SmileShops nationwide. Because of this, consumers can visit these shops and better understand their products. In addition to this, consumers can have their teeth scanned, and get approval for their specific treatment plans.

This is an added bonus for consumers that want to go the at-home route but would like an initial screening. This is also in contrast to other at-home clear aligner brands that require impression kits or molds to better understand each individual set of teeth.

Like other at-home clear aligner companies, SmileDirectClub is affordable, and also offers financing plans.

Final Thoughts

When consumers think about clear aligners, usually the first brand name that comes to mind is Invisalign. However, many consumers are alienated from Invisalign because of its price point and necessity for in-person consultations.

As a result, 2022 has a tremendous amount of options for clear aligner brands that offer hybrid or remote models for treatment. These brands have taken the very best elements of the original clear aligners and transformed them to fit the needs of a contemporary market. Whichever brand you may have chosen, this kids dentist in Las Vegas highly recommends that you consult a dental professional first if clear aligners are suited for your dental situation.

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