5 Tips For Building a Successful Etsy Business

by Business Development 15 October 2018

Successful Etsy Business

Once upon a time in order to grow a successful business selling your original goods you had to have a physical storefront.  In this modern digital era, however, it’s possible to run a business entirely from your laptop without even coming face to face with your clients.

Although the idea may seem overwhelming or too good to be true at first, there are thousands of people who have profitable Etsy store which provides their sole income.  Even though there is a small learning curve, it’s entirely possible to envision yourself achieving the same success.  You merely need to apply the following techniques.

Do Your Research First:

Before you get going on creating your online store, it’s essential to do a bit of research.  You should choose a marketing strategy which will effectively get the word out on the street about your merchandise.  This is done by observing and imitating what other people in your industry are doing.

It’s a good idea to spend several hours clicking around Etsy to see what other people are doing.  You’ll be able to identify what’s working and not working for them and apply it to your technique. You may also wish to think about how much you are going to sell your products for – you can easily calculate how much you may make, once fees have been taken into consideration, using tools like an Etsy calculator to make sure that your will be pricing your goods appropriately for both customers, and you as the business owner trying to make money.

Choose a Catchy Name:

One of the biggest secrets of success in attracting an audience to your store is to create a catchy name.  This can be anything you want it to be as long as it is a reflection of what it is that you’re selling.

Choosing a name which doesn’t give any indication about what you’re selling to customers may work against you, so choose something which provides people with an idea of your brand.

Post Quality Photos:

A lot of new Etsy sellers try to get by taking photos with their phones or low-grade cameras.  However, you will notice that the more professional images that you post, the more customers will purchase from you.

Having a professional image under your belt communicates to people that you offer quality merchandise.  Therefore, you should look into investing in a high-quality camera so that you can provide high-resolution images of your products.

Be Responsive:

Etsy customers are often having questions about product materials or how they’re made.  It’s essential that when you receive an inquiry that you respond as soon as possible.

The same goes for being speedy about shipping the products off.  Make sure that as soon as you’ve received a payment that you’re products ship as quickly as possible.

Deliver Quality Products

Ultimately the success of your business will depend on how good of a product you’re selling. It’s crucial that every product that you ship out delivers what you promised as a vendor.

It’s even more advantageous for your business if you go above and beyond by exceeding your customer’s expectations.

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