What To Do When Moving Home And Buying A New Boiler

by Real Estate 26 August 2022

New Boiler

When you move into a new home, there are likely to be upgrades that you want to make or even issues that need to be addressed to ensure a functioning property.

In many instances, this will include boilers, especially if existing units are old or you would like a more economical solution for your heating and hot water.

Getting the current setup repaired or replaced can be extremely important for a whole host of reasons, so remember to keep it high on your to-do list – and the great news is that it can be simple and straightforward to get an engineer to take care of the job with little fuss.

What You Need To Do When Buying A Boiler For Your New Home

Buying A Boiler

There are several steps that you can take to make sure that everything runs smoothly, so let’s take a look at what you should do before going ahead and making a new boiler purchase.

1. Find the right boiler and professional installation services for you

If you have already had a cursory look at boilers, you’re likely to have seen a fantastic range at your disposal, from regular boilers to combi units, but this can make your choice more difficult when selecting the best one for your home.

Just as there are many boilers out there, there are also an array of boiler experts on hand to assist with your inquiries and more, and you should be able to find several in your local area.

As new boiler prices in the UK can vary, you should do some research and look at reviews and even reach out for a few quotes to narrow down your search, but make sure they are free before submitting any information.

2. Make a decision on how to pay for your new boiler

As a new boiler can be an investment, it is a worthwhile idea to consider how you would like to pay for it before you sign on the dotted line. Of course, you can pay outright if you have the cash to hand, but there will be payment plans and financing options that you can look into to help spread the costs.

There are incentives and grants in the UK that may be applicable depending on the type of boiler you choose, so be sure to keep these in mind if you’d like to minimize your outgoings as much as possible (which will be especially important when moving home and having plenty of things to pay out for).

3. Think about your energy provider

Once your boiler has been bought and fitted, it’ll be time to consider the best energy provider. There are plenty across the UK that specializes in both gas and electric and you can decide if you would like to pay quarterly (via bills) or prepay (via a pay-as-you-go meter).

There will be terms to consider for your contract too, like fixed or variable energy rates, so be sure to do your research. Some will focus on affordability and others will prioritize sustainability, so your preferences should be taken into account.

If you have decided that replacement is your only option, you can click here for more information. With energy costs on the rise, many homeowners are considering the efficiency of their boiler, so an upgrade or new boiler could be a good choice, even if you aren’t moving home.

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