What Is Axie Infinity: The Main Facts And News

by Finance 15 March 2023

Axie Infinity Token

Axie is a blockchain game that has captured the hearts of thousands of people worldwide. Today, we would like to outline the crucial facts about the Axie project and the news about its Axie infinity coin.

The Main Things About Axie Infinity Token

The Main Things About Axie Infinity Token

Below, you can see the main facts about this exciting project:

  • Axie is a digital pet universe where participants can assemble, rise, and compete with painted Axies. The platform is based on the Ethereum network.
  • The platform has its own native crypto – Axie Infinity token, which can be applied to buy and sell animals-pets, participate in governance, and earn bonuses.
  • The platform’s participants can receive cryptocurrency rewards for participation in gameplay.
  • Axie game has a passionate and engaged community of players, collectors, and developers. The platform has become a global phenomenon, with players worldwide participating.
  • Axie Infinity’s peak of fame was in 2021 when the token reached the level of $160. Since then, the game has gradually lost its popularity because of a massive hacker attack and the lack of new gameplay scenarios.

Today, developers are working on creating more new game scenarios to offer a wide audience and attract new participants. The Axie Infinity token price highly relies on the project’s popularity. The more players are engaged in the process, the higher the Axie infinity coin rate.

Axie Infinity Crypto News

Starting in June 2022, the token ranged between $10 and $18, which is a sign of a massive drop in the token price. This decline is connected with the overall crypto market’s collapse that started in 2022 and has lasted till now. However, if the Axie game developers pay attention to creating more new plots for the game, the platform has all the chances to skyrocket again in the next bull market trend.

If you would like to obtain AXS tokens, also referred to as AXS, there are a few options available.

  • For those looking to acquire AXS, it can be purchased on various crypto exchanges like Binance, WhiteBIT, and Huobi. It’s possible to use either fiat money or other virtual currencies.
  • With the Axie Infinity marketplace, not only can you acquire AXS but also purchase and sell Axies. You only need to have the corresponding number of AXS in your wallet.
  • Players can get bonuses in the form of AXS tokens for engaging in gameplay, staking tokens, and taking part in governance activities.

Read more about the game on its official website and social networks. If you want to buy and trade AXS, welcome to the WhiteBIT crypto exchange – a reputable service for trading digital assets.

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