When Should You Visit A Sleep Clinic?

by Health Care Services 22 February 2023

Sleep Clinic

Sleep is essential to physical and mental health.

Generally, the quality of sleep you get each night can determine how well you feel during the day. Unfortunately, many people struggle with insomnia and other sleep issues. But do not worry because these issues can be treated if you know where to go.

If you are having trouble sleeping, you may consider visiting a sleep clinic. Here’s what you should know about sleep clinics and when to visit one.

What Is A Sleep Clinic?

What Is A Sleep Clinic

A sleep clinic is a specialized medical facility that diagnoses and treats sleep disorders. Sleep clinics are staffed by medical professionals such as board-certified sleep physicians, sleep psychologists, and sleep technicians. Additionally, sleep clinics typically have a range of diagnostic tests and treatment options to help people understand and improve their sleep.

When Should You Go To A Sleep Clinic?

If you are having trouble sleeping, it’s important to identify the underlying cause. A visit to sleep clinics can help you better understand your sleep issues and develop a treatment plan.

Here are some signs that it may be time to visit one:

  • You have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • You experience extreme fatigue during the day
  • You snore loudly, or experience pauses in your breathing while sleeping
  • You frequently wake up feeling unrested
  • You have difficulty concentrating during the day
  • You experience vivid dreams or nightmares
  • You have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder

What To Expect At Sleep Clinics

When you visit a sleep clinic, you can expect a comprehensive evaluation. Generally, the evaluation typically includes a physical exam and a sleep history, and a review of any medications you’re taking. You may also be asked to keep a sleep diary to track your sleep habits.

The clinic may also conduct necessary tests to assess your sleep quality. These tests can include a polysomnogram (sleep study), a multiple sleep latency test (MSLT), or an actigraphy (movement detector). The results of these tests can help the clinic diagnose any underlying sleep issues and develop a treatment plan.

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Treatments For Sleep Disorders

Treatments For Sleep Disorders

Sleep clinics offer a range of treatments for sleep disorders. These treatments can include lifestyle changes, such as establishing a regular sleep schedule, avoiding caffeine, and limiting screen time before bed. The clinic may also prescribe medications to help you sleep.

For some sleep disorders, the clinic may recommend cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a form of psychotherapy that can help you identify and address any underlying psychological issues. Generally, the clinic may also recommend other therapies, such as biofeedback and hypnotherapy, to help you sleep better.

Sleep Shouldn’t Be So Hard

If you are having trouble sleeping, it’s important to seek professional help. Don’t be cheap when it comes to sleep because this may affect your overall health. A visit to a sleep clinic can help you better understand your sleep issues and develop an effective treatment plan. With the right help, you can get your deserved restful sleep to feel your best.

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