Virtual Selling: How to Prepare

by Sales 18 February 2022

virtual selling

Though selling online isn’t a new concept, its popularity has grown immensely since the pandemic hit. Now, virtual selling is one of the most popular ways for businesses and clients to connect over a sale.

And while your skills and experience in the world of business are still crucial, virtual selling can be much different than what you’re used to in person-to-person sales. With the new obstacles that working online presents, it’s essential to be prepared going forward.

Here’s what you need to know about virtual selling and how you can succeed in it

The Basics of Virtual Selling

Virtual selling is the process of sales personnel and potential clients engaging online. Clients and businesses can meet through videoconferencing, where they can discuss sales aspects as usual.

The difference with virtual selling is that you’re not there with the person, which can result in obstacles from trying to keep your client’s attention in new ways to problematic internet connections.

Despite the new obstacles you may be presented within virtual selling, there is also a wide range of advantages, including efficiency, cutting out travel, and saving money. Virtual selling allows the sales process to move online where connections can be made with people all over the world, something that’s much more difficult to do in person.

Preparing for Online Sales

Before jumping into the world of virtual selling, there are a few ways that you can better prepare yourself for the process:

1. Master the Platform You Use

One of the best ways you can ensure success in your virtual sales is by making sure that you know how to use your virtual platform. Whether it’s Zoom or Microsoft Teams, there are a variety of ways that you can familiarize yourself with a platform, so you’re more comfortable when it comes time to present.

Many platforms even offer video tutorials or short instructional courses so you can learn how to use them better. Mastering your virtual platform will help you avoid awkward downtime and present like a professional.

2. Know-How to Keep Your Audience Interested

virtual selling

Keeping your potential client, or whoever your audience may be, engaged with your topic is important both in online and in-person sales. But keeping your audience engaged online sometimes needs to be done differently than when face to face.

For example, your potential client will most likely only see around half of your body in the video call, making body language not quite as vital as it is in person. This can allow you to focus more on visual aids and other ways to keep your audience interested.

3. Prepare for Technology Issues

One of the biggest obstacles you may encounter while selling virtually is technology issues. Whether it’s your computer, your internet connection, or your client, it’s best to be prepared for some technical issues so you can quickly find a solution when needed.

Always take preventive measures before any meetings, like updating your computer if it’s time or making sure it’s plugged into a reliable power source. Because virtual meetings rely heavily on a stable Wi-Fi connection, it’s also crucial to be somewhere you know your Wi-Fi won’t disconnect or have a poor signal.

4. Be Ready to Adapt

In the business world and online, sales personnel always need to be ready to adapt. Whether it’s your customer or your internet connection changing how you thought the meeting might go, it’s essential to be ready for these sorts of things to handle them best.

Sometimes you might have problems out of your virtual platform that is out of your control; knowing simple tricks that tend to help with common issues might be able to save you from some otherwise disastrous meetings.

For example, if you have a poor connection, consider turning your video off and using audio. While it may not seem as professional, it will save you from ending the call prematurely or not being able to hear the other side of the conversation.

5. Be Knowledgeable About What You’re Selling

virtual selling

Of course, being knowledgeable on what you’re selling is crucial to sales, whether you’re online or face-to-face. But when you’re online, it’s especially important to note that the second you begin to drift off or struggle to describe your product, you might lose the potential customer’s interest.

Unfortunately, online meetings often make it harder for people to pay attention, making it more difficult for sales personnel to try and keep them engaged in the pitch.

On top of that, not many people are going to want to buy any product or service from a person who can’t explain to them the details of what they’re selling. It’s essential to be knowledgeable about your product or service so you can effortlessly answer questions and make the sale happen.

Succeeding at Selling Virtually

Virtual selling is one of the most popular methods of meeting with potential clients nowadays. While many of the same aspects of selling in-person can apply to selling online, virtual selling can also take time to get used to.

Here at Shapiro Negotiations, we help teach sales personnel how to succeed at their job. We understand just how complicated the move to virtual selling is, and we’re here to help. If you’re looking to learn more about virtual selling and how you can better prepare yourself, consider taking our selling virtually module.

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