How To Use Work Breakdown Structures For Your Business

by Business Development 16 August 2022

Work Breakdown Structure

Have you ever noticed whenever you are assigned a big task, you get stuck in the loop of stress and procrastination?

It becomes nearly impossible to complete a project. However, setting priorities and breaking a project into smaller tasks can help. It is one of the most effective and productive techniques in project management.

Work breakdown structures are an effective technique for completing huge projects through manageable small tasks. It can help maintain stress and prevent procrastination. Read on to discover how work breakdown structures can streamline your business operations and improve employee productivity.

What Is A Work Breakdown Structure?

A work breakdown structure, commonly known as work breakdown structure (WBS), is a project management tool.

It takes a thorough and step-by-step approach to complete a complex and massive project within the deadline.

The work breakdown structure template features a hierarchical outline that represents the tasks in the project and categorizes them based on importance. The purpose of a work breakdown structure is to streamline and divide a project into small and manageable tasks that can be assigned to different people or teams to execute.

The WBS offers a structured plan so the project manager can examine how the project is progressing while managing the workflow. The goal of the work breakdown structure is to plan an efficient schedule for the project. Each task is prepared in accordance with its required deadline and following task.

A good and successful work breakdown structure exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Definable
  • Manageable
  • Independence
  • Estimation

Why Use A Work Breakdown Structure

Use A Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure is a visual technical tool that can be used for various business operations. It can help you organize a complex project by a hierarchy outline.

You can break down a project with the help of WBS into deliverables, further into sub-deliverables, and estimate the time and procedure for project completion.

Here are some key benefits of using a work breakdown structure for your business.

Scope Management

One of the most significant benefits of using WBS in your business projects is it prevents the tasks from slipping through the cracks. The work breakdown structure displays the project deliverables and tasks needed to be completed.

Basically, it serves as a guideline for what needs to be done and how. As a result, unnecessary work or anything irrelevant to the project is eliminated. Therefore, it helps the team members to focus on the project scope.

Communication And Coordination

Work breakdown structure facilitates open communication and coordination between the project team and other participants. Since the WBS hierarchically represents projects, it gets easier to analyze the progress of completed tasks, remaining work, team members, etc. Everything can be thoroughly communicated among each participant on one platform.

Boosts Productivity

The format of the work breakdown structure aims to increase productivity in the workplace. A big project can often result in burnout, stress, and procrastination.

With the help of a work breakdown structure, you can identify skills needed to complete a particular task on time. As a result, team members feel appreciated and determined to get the job done.

Having a streamlined roadmap for your project may make your team members feel determined and productive.


A key component in project completion is its ability to fulfill its objective. The work breakdown structure allows you to understand the functionality and impact of each task on the overall project.

Each component of WBS must fulfill particular specifications that contribute to the overall performance of the project, and with WBS, you can track how each task complements the specified requirements.

If your project is not achieving the needed functionality, a work breakdown structure can help you identify the problem and adjust the work per the specifications.

Where To Use Work Breakdown Structure In Your Business

Apart from the benefits, there are many areas of operations where a business can use a work breakdown structure. The advantages can be noticed through a particular project; however, they may help improve the overall operations of the whole organization, including:

  • By combining the WBS result of every project, a company can estimate the resource and budget cost of a department
  • WBS can help in analyzing the capability and performance of each employee
  • Use the project schedule, deadline estimate, and budget calculation in WBS to improve risk management
  • If too many people are in your team, you can use WBS to manage tasks and performance. It can help in better task management

Final Words

When completing a project, a work breakdown structure is a great tool. It is not even that hard to create. If you’re looking for some assistance, there are various services.

With a dedicated platform by your side, you and your project team can benefit from creating a customized visual project hierarchy with tasks.


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