The US, Saudi, UAE May Join Hands To Connect West Asia With Rail At The G20 Summit In India

by Business 08 September 2023

US Saudi UAE Join Hands To Connect West Asia With Rail At The G20 Summit In India

The deal will also be connecting the rail network to India via shipping lanes from the ports in the Gulf region.

The leaders of India, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia are possibly on the verge of announcing a substantial joint infrastructure deal by Saturday to connect Arab countries to the Gulf through an elongated network of railways, as per the reports of the

American news website on Thursday.

The same deal will also be connecting the rail network to India via the shipping lanes from the ports within the Gulf region.

The report also mentioned that if Israel and Saudi Arabia normalize their relationship in the near future, Israel could also participate in the same project.

A previous report stated that the concept for the newest initiative was born during the I2U2

talks last year. This forum comprises Israel, the United States, India, and the United Arab

Emirates. Israel originally conceived the idea during one of these meetings.

Later, the Biden administration expanded the idea to make Saudi Arabia a part as well.

The project is considered a counter to China’s decisions to expand in West Asia within its Belt and Road Initiative.

“The joint railway project is expected to be one of the key deliverables Biden wants to present during the G20 Summit in New Delhi this weekend,” the report mentioned.

“If the four nations finalize the negotiations over the weekend, their leaders will sign a memorandum of understanding outlining the parameters of the project,” it further added.

It came up during a time when the Biden administration was desperately trying to fix the relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia ahead of the presidential election of 2024. All the top leaders from the three mentioned countries to be a part of the G20 Summit. Biden will be holding a bilateral meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon after he steps foot in New Delhi on Friday evening.

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