Elon Musk Has Put The Blames On The Anti Defamation League For The Drop In X’s US Ad Revenue

by Business 05 September 2023

Elon Musk Has Put The Blames On The Anti Defamation League For The Drop In X’s US Ad Revenue

The sales of ads are down by 60%, “primarily due to pressure on advertisers,” which is mounted by ADL, Musk mentioned on Monday through a cluster of posts.

Elon Musk has been openly blaming the Anti Defamation League for a drop in the advertisement revenue of the X Corp in the United States, the social media platform which was formerly known as Twitter.

The non-profit has always been looking for opportunities to kill the platform ever since Musk brought it the previous year by putting up false accusations that claim him of being anti-Semitic, he added, saying that legal action is a feasible option if the organization keeps up with the false allegations.

Musk claimed that he was always “pro-free speech” but against the concept of anti-Semitism “of any kind.”

Previously, the ADL had said that there had been cases of harassment and reports of extremist content on the platform ever since Musk has taken over. The current onslaught of social media posts against the organization was just a part of an online campaign that was headed by the hate groups that are “clearly upset” over its meeting that happened very recently with the leaders of X, a spokesperson from ADL said in an email.

While X no longer requires to bring the advertising revenue of the United States back to the initial levels to be able to survive, it “would be nice” to witness the numbers bounce back, as Musk said in a report.

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