United Parcel Service Surepost: What You Need to Know?

by Business 12 June 2024

United Parcel Service Surepost

United parcel service surepost (U.P.S.) is one of the most reliable postal services in the U.S. 

It is also one of the most efficient low-cost carriers in the country. 

U.P.S. informs us that 74% of U.S. consumers prefer complimentary free deliveries. Hence, B2C customers might want the United Parcel Service Surepost service. 

U.P.S. allows B2C companies to deliver value to their customers without a pocket pinch. 

The three central values of United Parcel Service Surepost are:

  • Values their customers and their needs
  • Consistent services
  • High-speed ground network 
  • Last-mile delivery through U.S.P.S.

These are not the only reasons why you may avail of their services. 

United Parcel Service Surepost provides easy tracking, reliable last-mile delivery, and constant communication between customers and vending personnel. 

Understanding The Basics of United Parcel Service Surepost’s Service

Understanding The Basics of United Parcel Service Surepost's Service

Let’s know who the customers of the United Parcel Service Surepost are. We will also understand what sort of packages U.P.S. Surepost deals with.


United Parcel Service Surepost offers services through contract only. It does not operate under real-time requisition. 

It is suitable for B2C customers mainly. But why?

These customers are searching for low-cost transportation services. As a result, united parcel service surepost is their one-stop solution. 

However, you must send at least 20 packages by U.P.S. Surepost. 

What Kind of Packages Can I Deliver Through Surepost?

What Kind of Packages Can I Deliver Through Surepost

The service is most suitable for small as well as lightweight packages. At the same time, most packages of united parcel service surepost are of low value. 

Their service is quite reliable if your package meets these parameters. 

However, U.P.S. Ground Service is more adaptable for transporting high-value products. 

The Ideal Package Profile 

It is an economic service. Secondly, it is a ground service only. Thirdly, it is also a residential-bound service. 

The delivery network includes ground trucks only. So, united parcel service surepost can do local deliveries only. 

Hence, it is impossible to transfer your international parcel. 

The first important parameter for a client is to book at least ten daily deliveries. 

Moreover, all packages should be small and not contain costly or heavy items. 

The product volume should be limited as well.

Why Do All These Parameters Apply?

Indeed, United Parcel Service Surepost uses small trucks for its services. 

Accommodating heavy parcels or high-footprint products for a small truck delivery will be difficult.

Here is a summary of all product specifications that you should know before booking a service:

  • Weight should be less than 10lbs
  • The dimensions of the parcel must be within one cubic foot
  • Most suitable for business-to-customer deliveries (for instance, ecommerce deliveries)
  • The parcel requires limited liability 
  • The value of the parcel content is not above $100

Summary Of Benefits

Summary Of Benefits

united parcel service surepost has an integrated shipping solution. At the same time, it offers real-time shipment tracking.

So, you know that your parcel is safe. 

You must also know that U.P.S. Surepost packages are prepared alongside other U.P.S. shipments. The parcel tracking tool is also proprietary to the U.P.S.

But what most customers expect is speedy deliveries. How can U.P.S. Surepost ensure it?

Their business model makes space for faster deliveries. 

United parcel service surepost has no provisions for consolidation. Consequently, the package moves faster across checkpoints. 

But I found other factors as well. United Parcel Service surepost does not transfer parcels to other logistics vendors. Until the last mile, the parcel is transported under their banner only. As a result, it moves faster. 

Do you know you can contribute to the planet when you book Surepost for your deliveries? They have a carbon-neutral logistics pathway. If you book a green delivery, then it will be carbon-neutral. 

Working Methodology

Working Methodology

You already know that United Parcel Service Surepost works only through a ground network. But what are the schematics of their core service?

Step 1: Your parcel is picked up.

Step 2: It does not consolidate products. So, your parcel starts moving towards its destination immediately as it is collected. 

Step 2 (alt): It is routed to the U.P.S. center near the delivery address.

Step 3: United Parcel Service makes sure the post transfers the package to U.P.S. for last-mile delivery

Step 3 (alt): your package destination may be slightly far off. In that case, the package will be shipped by U.P.S.

Step 4 (for alt): U.P.S. will combine the package with other packages to be delivered nearby. 

Then, U.P.S. will start making the deliveries together.

The process happens fast as they operate all seven days of the week.

Role of U.S.P.S. and UPS

Role of U.S.P.S. and UPS

USPS conducts last-mile deliveries for 70% of the United Parcel Service surepost packages. However, the parcel will take 1 to 2 more days to be delivered. 

At the same time, the involvement of the U.S.P.S. means that the pace will be safer. Nevertheless, U.P.S. Ground performs the other last-mile deliveries. 

You can use U.P.S. tracking for your parcels. The delivery status, exception scans, and other formalities are recorded daily. 

You also get all notifications in real time. So, you are always informed of the real-time delivery status through U.P.S. 

The U.P.S. tracking systems update you even when the U.S.P.S. delivery system is out for last-mile delivery. 

Visit Ups.com to track your shipment. 

Pros And Cons of United Parcel Service Surepost

Pros And Cons of United Parcel Service Surepost

There are many favorable services for the United Parcel Service Surepost. However, every service should have its pros and cons. Let’s discuss these here.

First, let’s see the pros of their service. 


High-Cost Savings 

We have also covered previously that united parcel service surepost is the best option for cost-effective delivery services. But why does that happen?

Firstly, it uses the ground network for small-footprint deliveries only. Secondly, United Parcel Service Surepost attempts multiple last-mile deliveries simultaneously. It brings down the cost of the individual shipments.

Increase In Delivery Speed Due to Daily and Weekly Transfers

The U.S.P.S. service is active from Monday to Saturday. What does it mean for you?

During weekends, the products move faster. Hence, the net speed of the deliveries also increases. 

Smart Shipment Tracking Feature

The shipment number may change during different phases of the transit. But not in the case of united parcel service surepost. 

The reason is that United Parcel Service Surepostt includes other logistics vendors in the delivery prices. You can track their service until the last mile with the same tracking number. 

Just visit Ups.com and insert the tracking number. And you will get real-time updates of the shipment until it has been delivered. 

Easy Drop-Off of The Shipment

U.P.S. Surepost offers unique benefits to its customers. Firstly, it has selected a niche customer segment only. As a result, you get the best-in-class service when you book their logistics. 

Secondly, it leverages many flexible benefits. 

For instance, you can also collect your parcel from the nearest post office. So you don’t have to wait for the last-mile delivery. 

If U.S.P.S. is attempting your last-mile delivery, it may take an additional 1 to 2 days. However, you can avoid the delay by collecting the parcel from the nearest post office. 

Clinical P.O. Box Deposit

The U.S.P.S. covers all postal addresses and P.O. boxes. Hence, you can deliver a parcel to any part of the U.S. territory through the United Parcel Service repost. 

In comparison, FedEx and others are more restricted regarding their delivery areas within the U.S. mainland. 

You can benefit in many ways if you are a domestic ecommerce vendor. Firstly, you can cover a broader service area if united parcel service surepost is your delivery partner. Secondly, you can profit by completing more tasks within a shorter time limit.


There are some critical issues regarding the United Parcel Service Surepost. Hence, you must be aware of those, as well.

Slight Delay

The shipment is transferred between the U.P.S. and U.S.P.S. As a result, your parcel can be slightly delayed.

Not Beneficial for High-Volume Deliveries

United Parcel Service’s sure post is most suitable for vendors with high daily sales volumes. You cannot book the United parcel service surepost for fewer deliveries. 

There Is No Option for Global Shipping

It is one of the demerits that reduces the acceptability of united parcel service surepost. 

The service is restricted to the mainland of the U.S. only. 

Comparison with FedEx

No consolidation; hence faster serviceSlight delay due to consolidation
Deliveries are attempted directlyDeliveries are stacked up in the warehouse for reaching a certain volume

 Wrapping Up……

United Parcel Service Surepost offers the most affordable and accessible service. It is fast. But you need at least ten packages under 10 lbs to be delivered daily. So, their service has some limitations, too. However, United Parcel Service Surepost is one of the best options for inland logistics in the U.S.  It is most suitable for small-scale ecommerce vendors. You can always rely on their service for dependable and timely deliveries.

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