Ranked From Best to Worst Top 10 Popeyes Sauces

by Business 12 June 2024

Popeyes Sauces

Americans are grave loyalists who are coming to fast food. They show stark similarity in the kinds of food they order. Their loyalty towards a restaurant is also similar. Learn about best and worst Popeyes Sauces.

Strangely, Americans love similar dips, too.

We know dip sauces can change the flavors of the same food. 

Suppose you ordered a plate of buffalo wings. You had 3 with garlic parmesan and the rest with BBQ sauce. 

You could do the same thing. But not when you visit Popeyes. 

Fans following Popeyes sauce are like legacies. Americans are divided by their favorite Popeye’s sauces and split between the Lakers and the Chicago Bulls!

So, I made a list of the ten most favorite Popeyes sauces in the U.S. I ranked the ten sauces from the best to the worst.

You may also learn why Popeyes sauces are unique. It’s their specialty, too. Because of their sauces, Popeyes is unique from other QSR chains. 

About Popeyes

About Popeyes

Popeyes started in Louisana. It was back in 1976. 

Their entire menu revolves around the native tastes of their hometown. According to QSR magazine, Popeyes has 4178 branches worldwide. In the U.S., they have 2947 stores and 1231 outlets in the rest of the world. 

They are present in 30 countries spread worldwide. In the U.S., you will find Popeyes stores in 46 states. 

But they are known for their chicken. The subtle and spicy flavors are unique and hot favorites of Americans. However, experts say that the main differentiator of their dishes is their sauces. 

So, let’s explore the ten primary sauces that have Americans hooked on the brand. 

10 Best Popeyes Sauce

I have ranked Popeye’s sauces based on some unique criteria. Firstly, I have considered the choice of Americans. At the same time, I have considered the composition of the sauces. 

Lastly, I also recommended how each sauce complements the base dish. 

1. Sweet Heat Sauce

Sweet Heat Sauce

It’s my personal favorite and treasured by most Americans. 

Now, I can’t make all Americans agree with me. But you cannot do away with Popeye’s sweet heat sauce in a wink. 


Above all, the sweet heat sauce combines the sweet honey with the essential elements of their classic hot sauce.

But why do most Americans love this one?

Across 3102 outlets, it’s the most favorite accompaniment of tender chicken. 

I am a big fan of the dash of vinegar in the sauce.

It elevates the taste by refreshing the palate. But most people like it for the combination of hot and sweet flavors.

  • Primary tastes: hot, sweet, slightly tart
  • It goes with crispy chicken, tender chicken strips, and shrimp crisps

2. Blackened Ranch

Blackened Ranch

If you are a fan of America’s recent favorite butter garlic, this one’s for you. 

The popularity of the blackened ranch has skyrocketed in recent times. 

It’s creamy and has a slightly gooey texture. It’s stickier than the sweet heat sauce. 

I like this one, but I could be a better fan. But most people prefer the flavor of caramelized onion with melted butter and roasted garlic in the sauce. 

The taste of the garlic will overpower after some time. But the first sensation is one of butter and the stark essence of garlic. 

The subtle aftertaste of pepper is the only thing that tinkers my taste buds. It’s not ghost peppers, though. 

Some people think the pure taste of garlic and creamy, buttery taste becomes bland due to the pepper.

But that’s not the case. 

  • Primary tastes: creamy, peppery, and a dash of garlic
  • It goes best with any tender chicken

3. Bold Barbeque

Bold Barbeque

Maybe you are thinking it’s a basic sauce. That’s not unnatural. But it is one of the sauces that goes well with chicken. 

Some of the sauces overpower the chicken’s taste. All we feel while eating those is the kick of its taste. The chicken plays second fiddle.

But barbeque sauce mainly lifts the taste of the chicken. It’s the best as a dressing sauce. 

You want to feel the combined taste of molasses and soy sauce in a classic barbeque sauce. That’s apparent in Popeyes sauces, too. 

Most Americans love this sauce because of its smoky flavor. 

The Bold BBQ created such a sensation that a customer said:

“I would drink it if that were a socially acceptable thing to do.”

  • Primary tastes: smoky and sweet
  • It goes well with tender chicken and shrimp

4. Bayou Buffalo Sauce

Bayou Buffalo Sauce

It’s a showstopper. Not all Americans love it for its characteristic taste. But you want to taste it once. The Louisiana hot sauce found a revamp through this one. 

The classic taste of Buffalo chicken is there. The red pepper is unmistakable, too. 

Please don’t have it with your fried chicken. It will destroy the simple crispy taste. 

So, try it with your classic sandwich. Or slurp it with your roast. 

You will immediately feel a burst of flavor. There’s no subtle taste in it. Instead, you can feel all the flavors at once. 

Not only your coleslaw. But your classic fries can also be livelier with a sprinkle or dip of this sauce. 

  • Primary tastes: red pepper, buffalo notes
  • It goes best with classic fries and sandwich

5. Mardi Gras Mustard

Mardi Gras Mustard

Most Americans love this oriental flavor. The combination of horseradish with lemon is unforgettable. The mustard is like the icing on the cake. 

Some of you find it very polarizing. But most of you cannot avoid it. 

Remember, it was not an original Popeyes sauce. 

They were moved while tasting it elsewhere. After that, it found a place on their menu as well. 

Some of you say the grass mustard is a slightly altered version of the honey mustard. 

Be it so. But it complements the taste of the spices well. 

  • Primary taste: mustard and honey
  • It goes best with crispy chicken, cajun rice

6. Wild Honey Mustard

Wild Honey Mustard

This is very akin to the previous one. 

Some of us don’t like the harsh mustard. For them, the honey is soothing to the palate. 

A variety of dishes taste best with it. But some testers of Popeyes sauces say that it’s much like the barbeque sauce, just beefed up. 

I know people feel like this due to the candied undertones. But the flavor and taste are headstrong. 

The subtle balancing of the sauce is essential. It’s a straightforward composition. But the sweetness needs a delicate layering. One dose up or down, and BAAM!

Your delectable wild honey mustard tastes like a sweetener. 

  • Primary taste: Molasses’ sweetness and mustard punch
  • It goes best with almost all finger food and tender chicken

7. Buttermilk Ranch

Buttermilk Ranch

Coming to the bold experimentations of Popeyes sauces, buttermilk ranch is one of a kind. But why?

Most Americans order the blackened ranch over this one. But there is again a cult following this one. 

What’s this peculiar flavor made of?

Nothing much. You will find a dash of creamy ranch dressing. At the same time, it has sour cream, mayonnaise, and buttermilk as its base. 

It’s a sour, sweet sauce. 

What I like the most about it is its consistency. It’s thick enough to drizzle over your fried chicken. The consistency makes it shimmer. 

  • Primary taste: sour cream and buttermilk
  • It goes well with all fried chicken and classic fries

8. Popeyes Hottie Sauce

The list of Popeyes sauces can include one hot sauce at a limited time. It’s one of the spiciest sauces that still rings in my memory. It is simply hot. Its taste hits at once. It does not grow the taste gradually, as the horseradish does. 

It was added to the standard coleslaw and other classic sandwiches. 

Popeyes uses Aleppo peppers to infuse the hot taste. But the taste of the twerk comes from the cider vinegar. 

  • Primary taste: hot and tangy from the vinegar
  • Best with classic chicken, tender chicken, and coleslaw

9. Creole Cocktail Sauce

Creole Cocktail Sauce

Just what was missing from the list!

A fishy flavor. Many won’t like it, as fish is not a Pan American favorite. But this characteristic taste boosts the taste of shrimp and Cajun-infused dishes. There’s a Cajun twist in the sauce, too. 

The term creole certainly means that there will be a hot outburst on the palate. But let me tell you, the hotness wades off. Then, what remains is the Cajun’s sweetness and the fishy taste. 

  • Primary taste: fishy and hot-sweet
  • It goes best with tender chicken

10. Tartar Sauce

Tartar Sauce

One of my least favorite Popeyes sauce is tartar sauce. Popeyes sauces include this one as a formality. They also know it might not give a real kick to any of the dishes. 

Still, I tell you there is a cult following for tartar sauce, too. 

This one feels best if you have fish and chips. A lot of Popeyes sauce goes well with fish. But the creaminess of the tartar sauce is just the match for the dish. 

  • Primary taste: mayo-based and milky
  • It goes best with fish and chips

Wrapping Up……

Popeyes sauces are Cajun heavy. The reason is the trendy taste of Louisiana. None of the sauces are bland or subtle by character. However, it’s worth mentioning that some of the sauces, like Sweet Heat or Blackened Ranch, are killers!

They could have had better combinations with their ranch flavor, but that’s not all. Popeyes sauces keep surprising us by introducing new limited time offers and blending existing ones to create new tastes. If you have another favorite, please let me know in the comments.

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