How To Start a Taco Bell Franchise in USA In 2024?

by Business 12 June 2024

Taco Bell Franchise

The franchise model is a highly profiting business model in America. Currently, the net business value of all franchises operating in the USA is $893.9 billion. Now find out How To Start a Taco Bell Franchise in USA.

If you open a franchise business, maybe fast food is the first thing that occurred to you too?

The fast food and QSR restaurants of the US will grow at a CAGR of 3.4% until 2029. 

So, all new entrants will have the fast-mover advantage now. 

Confused about which franchise to choose from in the food sector?

How about Taco Bell? 

It is one of the most craved after brand of YUM! Brands. Taco Bell is also the biggest purveyor of authentic Mexican cuisine (street food, Mexican fusion, and traditional). 

– Founded in 1962, Taco Bell has grown into one of the most recognizable quick-service restaurant franchises

Putting together, taco Bell operates approximately 43000 restaurants worldwide. 

Owned By Yum! Brands Inc., Taco Bell Operates Over 7,000 Locations Across 30 Countries

Most of this worldwide growth is based upon their Taco Bell franchise. Moreover, the Taco Bell franchise is the best one, out of the Franchise 500 brands by 

Why Open a Taco Bell Franchise?

Why Open a Taco Bell Franchise

There is no doubt that a taco bell franchise will boost your new startup, if you have what it takes to run a franchisee successfully.

What’s the most significant challenge that fresh entrepreneur owners face while opening a new business?

Yes, you got it right-building a brand.

You don’t have to invest in building a brand when you opt for a franchise model and must religiously copy the brand’s dynamics to start.

You already know that a Taco Bell franchise is a good decision because of its substantial brand value. At the same time, the brand has an uncomplicated business model. Their business model also provides all necessary support to the new franchisees.

Now, let’s discuss the threshold requirements to become a tacobell franchise owner.

Qualifications And Requirements To Open A Taco Bell Franchise

The basic requirements to apply for a Taco Bell franchise:

  • The net worth of the individual owner or applying enterprise: %1.5 million
  • The minimum liquid capital needed: $750,000
  • Range of franchise fee (varies due to location, demand, and other misc. factors): $25000
  • Royalty payable: 5.5%

Initial Investment Costs, Including Franchise Fee and Startup Expenses

There are a range of miscellaneous cost factors. You must consider all these factors when opening the Taco Bell franchise.

While searching for Taco Bell franchise information on their website, I came across an interesting piece of data.  

It says that you may need $575,600 to $3,370,100 to set up and start operations of the Taco Bell franchise.

Ongoing Fees Such as Royalty and Advertising Fees

 Taco bell franchise requires two type of royalty fees from their B2B clients. To own their franchise, you must give two types of royalties. 

These are the royalty fees and advertising royalty fees. 

Kind of Fees Applicable
General royalty5.5%
Royalty for advertisement support4.25%

Benefits of Owning a Taco Bell Franchise

Benefits of Owning a Taco Bell Franchise

Firstly, taco bell franchise has a high brand loyalty. Secondly, the brand has a lot of measures to attract and retain customers. So, the demand volatility of taco bell franchise is very low.

There are other statutory benefits of getting a taco bell franchise. I have discussed those below. 

Consistent Ranking Near the Top of Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 List

The Entrepreneur magazine releases a list of the 500 most prospective entrepreneurs.

In their recent list, they are ranked 1st out of 500 brands. Taco bell left behind Popeyes, Dunkin, Culver’s, Arby’s and other similar food brands.

But why does this list matter?

The Entrepreneur Magazine considers more than 150 data points to arrive at their conclusion. Some of the essential data points are:

  • Low cost and basic fees of operations
  • Increase in size of business and impressive growth trajectory
  • Spontaneously supports new franchise owners 
  • Strong financial growth
  • Stable demand for franchises around the world

Strong Brand Recognition in the U.S. And Expanding Presence in the Global Market

According to Statista, Taco Bell’s brand awareness is 89% in the U.S. market. 

It means you are already advantaged if you have a Taco Bell franchise. 

Taco Bell is not dependent on the U.S. market only.

Why does it matter?

You may wonder what if taco Bell’s financials weaken some day and they close their business?

In other words, your business will also go down, even if you are faring better. 

To clarify, the Taco Bell franchise is exponentially growing on a global scale. 

According to the QSR magazine, Taco Bell opened 63 new stores in Q2, 2023-24. Out of those, only 36 were in the U.S. However, the rest were global stores. 

Opportunities For Entrepreneurs to Capitalize on The Popularity Of The Taco Bell Brand

 In a recent interview, Taco Bell franchisee owners claimed that their business saw exponential growth. One of them is Rick Ormsby. According to him, the interest of buyers outsized the restaurant supplies in 60 days only. 

Firstly, I saw on IBISWorld that the net value of the American QSRs is $387.5 billion in 2024. This means people are investing a hefty share of their disposable income in processed fast food. 

At the same time, the popularity of tacobell franchise is skyrocketing. 

So, it’s the best time for entrepreneurs to start a Taco Bell store.

Opening a Taco Bell Franchise

Opening a Taco Bell Franchise

Intrigued about the prospect of opening a tacobell franchise? 

No wonder. But what are the following steps?

Application Process and Approval

First, you have to visit their website: After that:

  • Select “U.S. Opportunities” from the options.
  • Fill out the preliminary application form online.
  • Enter your personal information, address details, and your professional experience details. 
  • Taco Bell will do an internal policy-checking
  • After validating your details, they will quote an offer

Participation In the Taco Bell Franchise Training Program

What’s best about Taco bell franchise?

Their On-the-job-training. I was going through the Taco Bell franchise information to find that they provide 400 hours (about two and a half weeks) of franchise training. The same is accompanied by an 8-hour classroom training. 

At the same time, Taco Bell franchise holders also get marketing support training. 

It is another on-the-job training. 

Construction And Preparation for The Opening of The New Restaurant

 You may get a Construction advisory on store aesthetics and formal designs. However, their website lists that the construction and preparation costs of Taco Bell stores would be: 

  1. First unit cost: $27500
  2. Building constriction cost: $177000 to $ 1,700,000
  3. Decor cost: $200000
  4. Building, Equipment, Signs and Inventory: $150000

Staffing and Operations

Staffing and Operations

After setting up a place, your biggest worry is STAFFING!

Hiring Employees, Including the Ease of Hiring Young Workers

You can register for Taco Bell’s hiring parties’ program. To boost the brand, taco Bell recruited 100000 employees in 2022

Prepare For The Grand Opening And Ensure Smooth Operations

According to franchiseDirect, a grand opening costs $5000 in the U.S. 

Taco Bell will provide you with guidance and support during the grand opening. 

Potential For Managing The Franchise Or Hiring A Manager To Oversee Daily Operations

Taco Bell advises you to hire a trained and experienced manager. Sometimes, you can recruit employees as low as 16 for front-end operations. But you need at least one operating manager per store. 


The Taco Bell franchise supports construction, store design, staffing, and opening. 

Also, you already know that 2024 is the best time to grab a Taco Bell franchise license. 

So, why wait? Visit now and apply. 

You can proudly own a Taco Bell franchise once the restaurant is staffed and open for business.  Hence, you will also become part of a renowned brand in the quick-service restaurant industry.

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