UE.co Discusses the Benefit of Core Values in the Workplace

by Business Development 01 May 2019

Core Values in the Workplace

Now it seems, more than ever, people want to know what businesses stand for. They want to know the values and ethics and the kinds of principles shared. Companies now have websites; this is different from decades ago. And on those websites are About Us pages. These pages just don’t give physical descriptions of the buildings or products; they describe the core ethics and values of the company, where it got its start and descriptions of its basic mission and philosophy. As far as employees go, they may have different personal thoughts and ideas, but when it comes to the workplace, sharing core values is important.

Why is it important to have core values in the workplace?

According to FastCompany, core values offer a beacon to guide choices and decisions and to help the company grow and evolve. With strong core values and a mission statement, a company has a road map to take them on a consistent path, yet with room to develop and advance.

Another reason to develop core workplace values is that when employees have the same ethics and work values when they share motivation and community views, they can come together in a stronger sense, in both community and work. These days, there is a strong connection to a successful business and community involvement. This is part of strong core values.

Giving Back in the Community

More and more customers want to see organizations “giving back” and more and more companies want to reach out to their own community. For instance, UE.co has a strong value of a continuous improvement. To take this beyond the workplace and into the community, they offer a scholarship to students who are making a difference in their own community. The UE.co Community Scholarship awards a student a monetary amount based on their community involvement and improvement.

A Strong Cohesive Workplace

Sharing a sense of core values also adds cohesion to the employees in the workplace. A group of like-minded people will bond and make a strong team. Because companies attract people who share their values, these employees will have more loyalty and desire to be successful. They aren’t just earning a paycheck; they are also staying true to their own ethics and beliefs.

Creating and Sharing Core Values

Core values should be created early on by the team members. This sets in place the values and ethics, and the company can grow from this, spreading the values and benefits into the community. This not only sets a positive tone for success within the company, but it sets a positive message into the community as well.

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