Truck Maintenance Tips

by Automotive Published on: 21 October 2017 Last Updated on: 27 September 2018

Truck Maintenance Tips

Whether you have a single truck or own a fleet of vehicles, it is important to keep them in top condition in order to ensure that you can meet the demands of your clients and that your downtime is as short as possible.

If you are looking to increase the size of your fleet, or you just want to upgrade to a newer better vehicle, now is a great time to look into truck financing options. You can find additional information here Otherwise, here are some strategies which you can employ to keep your business rolling without a hitch.

Pre-Trip Checkup

A lot of experienced truckers will tell you that they never set off without first performing a pre-trip checklist. It is a list of things you need to check before beginning your journey to ensure that you are driving a safe truck.

The first part of the checklist are the wheels. Make sure that the wheel nuts are tight and secure, lest you lose a wheel. While you’re at it, check the tire pressure for a smooth ride. The thread on your tires should be even on all tires if you want to have maximum safety and fuel efficiency.

Check the hoses of your truck for cracks or frays because those small problems can escalate on the open road and cost you a fortune in repairs later on. Check your fluids level and the fuel tank as well just to be sure. Finally, start the engine and listen to it for a short time. After a while, you will be able to detect problems just by the sound of the engine.

Record Everything

If you want to keep your truck in top condition, you need to make sure that you inspect or replace everything in due time. Things like oil filters or transmission fluids need to be changed after a certain number of miles, while the whole truck needs to go through preventative maintenance every so often.

It is pretty hard to keep everything straight just by memorizing it. The problem only gets more complicated if you have more than one truck to think about. You should keep a detailed record of how far you have gone,whether anything went wrong and so on. Fortunately, a lot of this data is automatically recorded by your onboard computer, and there are software solutions which enable you to monitor more trucks at the same time if you have a fleet of vehicles to worry about.

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

These tires have a shallower tread and therefore, they have lower rolling resistance, making them more economical when it comes to fuel. These tires are initially more costly than regular tires, but the savings on fuel which go up to 5% are well worth the price. The more trucks you have outfitted with these tires, the greater your savings can be.

Some states have a legal requirement to have these tires on trucks as a way of protecting the environment, whereas in other parts of the country, you can choose if you want them or not.

Update Your Fleet

Each year, trucks get better and better. If you can afford it, make sure that you exchange your older vehicles for newer models every couple of years, because new trucks have better fuel economy and are more reliable overall. Even if you only have one truck, you should still think about upgrading to a better model.

Whether you like it or not, truck maintenance is important and very strictly regulated by the Department of Transportation and other relevant federal agencies and bodies. The main reason why is the mileage these machines cover every year.

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