American Standard VS Trane: What Is the Difference?

by Business 03 May 2024

American Standard VS Trane

If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, two brands, in particular, probably stand out. American Standard and Trane are leading go-to experts in heating and air conditioning systems- but which company is the best? 

American Standard vs. Trane Systems is a tough question. This guide compares both HVAC brands- covering their products and designs, energy and cost efficiency, the performance and durability of their systems, and reviews left by customers in their service areas.

Trane and American Standard: A Quick Comparison

Let’s begin by looking at each company individually and highlighting a few key features. Understanding more about the brands, their histories, and their core pros and cons is a great starting point to help you decide which one to choose for your HVAC system.

Overview of Trane

Trane launched in 1913 and has remained a powerhouse in the HVAC industry ever since. The Trane product line includes heat pumps, ventilation systems, furnaces, air conditioner units, thermostats, and air quality control solutions. 

This company offers heating and cooling solutions for a wide range of purposes and budgets and is best known for its integrated all-in-one HVAC products. Thanks to the brand’s commitment to sustainability, durability, and quality, Trane is an undisputed champion of this industry. 

Overview of American Standard

American Standard is a renowned innovator in the world of HVACs. Pioneering modern, energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and cooling solutions since the late 19th Century, the brand led the way for other companies- including Trane.

An American Standard HVAC system is known for versatile performance, personalized settings, and impressive design standards. 

Trane Pros and Cons


  • Quiet operation
  • Commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable development
  • Very reliable 
  • Impressive range of Trane products


  • More expensive overall
  • Can be hard to find replacement parts quickly if you need a repair 
  • Some negative comments on review sites regarding customer service availability

American Standard Pros and Cons


  • Smooth and quiet operation on most products
  • Durable materials used 
  • Great customer service
  • Energy-efficient designs
  • Excellent zoning functions 


  • High upfront costs
  • Potentially complex installation

Important Factors to Consider When Comparing American Standard and Trane

Here is a closer look at some standout features every potential buyer should consider before choosing a provider for their new heat pump, air con, or HVAC system.

Range of Products

There are plenty of products to choose from no matter which of these companies you choose. Trane has more, but American Standard is not far behind. 

Product Quality, Durability, and Design

Neither company falls short when it comes to reliability, longevity, and general durability in their products. High-quality materials are used- with the average life expectancy of systems pegged between 15 and 20 years. 

Trane is better known for its contemporary aesthetic designs- making it a popular choice for those conscious of how things look. That, combined with the innovative technology, gives Trane the edge in design style.

However, American Standard’s heavy-duty, rust-resistant, anti-corrosion, dirt-blocking outer coatings are tough to beat in practicality and long-lasting protection. 

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Impressively, both companies are committed to sustainability. Trane has pioneered the use of eco-friendly materials for a while- prioritizing carbon reduction and eco-responsibility in its manufacturing. American Standard has also recently joined the quest to reduce carbon footprint, and all new models favor eco-friendly R410-A refrigerant. 

Noise Level

Both companies prioritize quiet operation- and are on a fairly even kilter in this category. 

Maintenance Requirements

Trane has a professional maintenance service that supports clients with regular support when needed. The only downside is the low availability of replacement parts, which can make wait times longer if you need a repair.

American Standard promotes DIY maintenance and repairs- within reason. There are comprehensive guides to help people identify problems, fix issues, and keep their systems running smoothly. These guides also include instructions for contacting a professional in relevant situations. 

Ease of Installation

Products from both companies are designed for professional installation- and only experts should take charge of the process. Setting up the programs and getting used to the controls, however, falls to the property owner. 

American Standard is comparatively complex to set up and master- but is not difficult to control once you know how. The learning curve is just a little steeper than Trane’s.

Customer Service and Reviews

The service offered by customer support teams makes a big difference. Both companies provide flexible support through live chat, phone lines, and other channels- but American Standard fares much better based on online reviews. 

According to some reviews, Trane can sometimes have a slow response and take longer to find solutions. American Standard has generally very positive feedback regarding its customer services. 


Trane has a wider price range- probably because it sells more diverse products. Overall costs range from around $3,500 to $20,000. American Standard’s prices start a bit higher, at close to $6,000- but you generally won’t have to spend more than $13,000 for a complete system. 

Luckily, both companies offer a fantastic 60-month 0% APR finance option to make top-quality heating, cooling, and ventilation more affordable for everyone.

Trane or American Standard: Which Is Best?

You can count on a Trane or American Standard air conditioning system to perform well, last a long time, and effectively manage your home’s heat. Which company is best depends on your personal needs and priorities.

Trane has the edge if you want an advanced, seamless HVAC system designed to communicate and coordinate whole-house heating- especially if aesthetic appeal is a priority. That said, American Standard may be better if you want accurate and customizable control over different zones and their individual temperatures. 


Whether you choose Trane or American Standard for your new HVAC products, it is important to set up the rest of your home well for optimal air quality, energy efficiency, and temperature control. Effective insulation is a big part of that, and the Pure Eco Inc. Company can help you get it right. Connect with us to learn more- or check out the blog for additional insights. 

New insulation helps make heating and cooling your home easier- and more cost-effective in the long run- and is a vital investment for any homeowner. Together with top-of-the-range products from leading HVAC brand, such as Trane and American Standard, great insulation will improve home comfort, value, and quality of life.

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