How Does A Stock Market Work: 5 Things You Need To Know

by Finance 07 June 2021

Stock Market

We all have heard about the stock market. But many of us do not have the proper idea about the stock market or how it works. But if you are willing to buy a stock and invest your money in it, then it will be better if you get an idea of how the stock market works.

Many people just avoid the education part when going for investment. But the most crucial thing is that everyone should pay attention if they want to earn some handsome returns from the investments that they have made. You also can go through the best stocks to buy now for better knowledge.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Stock Market-

Here are the 5 things that you should know about the stock market before you start trying your hands on it.

1. How Stocks Trade:

1. How Stocks Trade:

The first question is where stocks are traded? Well, most probably, we all know the answer to this, exchanges are the very place where stocks are traded. NYSE and NASDAQ are the two biggest exchanges. NASDAQ is the first electronic exchange.

Official exchanges ensure that investors are buying legitimate shares of a company, and that is too for a proper market price. Now, most of the stocks are traded electronically. As soon as you press the BUY option, the computer will match you with someone who has just pressed the SELl option. At the current price of the stocks, the transaction will happen.

2. Why Companies Issue Shares:

An IPO, or in other words, Initial Public Offering, is the very first time when a company offers shares of ownership via exchanges to the public. This generally happens when a large private company wants to sell a part of its ownership to raise cash for the company.

There are mainly two reasons for a company to sell its shares. The first reason is, the specific company requires cash in order to grow. The other one is the owners of the company are willing to diversify a part of their own investments or provide themselves a larger ability to sell in the later future.

3. How To Buy Stocks:

3. How To Buy Stocks:

Electronic trading allows everyone to buy stocks without having a human broker. So, in present days, all you need is an online brokerage account for buying and selling individual stocks. In case you will be trading on a regular basis, search for the sites with lower transaction fees.

When you are going to buy and sell stocks, there are a bunch of options other than buy now and sell now. A representative at your online brokerage also can assist you with any type of questions that you have.

4. Valuing A Stocks:

The value of any stock, or the total market capital of it, is the representation of what the investors believe the business’ equity value is. Equity is an accounting term that is evaluated by subtracting liabilities from assets.

Here the complicating factor is that the equity accounting version never takes the company’s assets to generate profit into account. In order to compensate for this, investors generally use a number of profit measurements for deciding how much he or she needs to pay for the company’s ownership.

5. How People Make Money In Stocks:

5. How People Make Money In Stocks:

When it comes to making money in stocks, there are two ways to do it. Those two ways are price appreciation and dividends. If the company in which you have your share improves its performance, and the market is also ready to pay more for those particular shares, price appreciation happens.

On the other hand, when a company is generating a lot of cash, its shareholders are paid bonuses; this is dividends. Generally, they are getting paid on an annual or quarterly basis. The company’s board of directors decides to pay dividends when the company is having a lot of cash.


So, these were the things that you should know about the stock market. This will help you to understand how the whole stock market operated. When you have the proper knowledge, you will be able to make decisions more quickly and properly.

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