Splunk Inc Chief Revenue Officer Sells 1,500 Shares Of The Company

by Business 05 October 2023

Splunk Inc Chief Revenue Officer Sells 1500 Shares Of The Company

On October 2, 2023, Christian Smith, a top executive at Splunk Inc (NASDAQ: SPLK), sold 1,500 company shares. This fits a pattern seen in the past year, with Smith selling a total of 23,000 shares and not buying any.

Splunk Inc. is a big company that deals with machine data. Their software helps businesses analyze and use data from machines. This helps companies work better, save money, and stay secure.

Smith’s recent sale of shares makes us wonder about the company’s worth and future. To understand this better, let’s look at how insider trading affects stock prices.

Over the past year, insiders at Splunk Inc. have sold more shares than they bought. They sold 13 times and didn’t buy any. This might mean they think the stock is too expensive or will go down in the future.

On the day Smith sold his shares, Splunk Inc. stock was selling for $146.27 each, and the company was worth $24.71 billion. But experts think it should be worth $174.70, which means it might be a bit cheaper than it should be.

This “GF Value” comes from GuruFocus, a tool used to guess how much a stock should be worth. It looks at how the stock traded before, how well the company did in the past, and what experts think it will do in the future. With a price-to-gf-value ratio of 0.84, Splunk Inc. S stock might be a bit cheaper than it should be.

In short, while Smith’s selling might make us worry, the stock’s worth suggests it could still be a good investment. But people thinking of buying should check the company’s future and other market stuff before they decide.

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