Building Trust Online: The Technological Impact Of Social Proof Widgets

by social media 19 January 2024

Social Proof Widgets

As the number of online shops and service providers rises daily, making your audience loyal becomes a primary task. Whereas before customers order from you, they read testimonials about your company.

The statistics show that 70% of online buyers check one to six reviews about the brand before purchasing an item. Therefore, consumers need actual social proof that could persuade them of the high-quality services delivered by a company.

Implementing social proof widgets on the website can increase trust in your brand and make your customers stay with you. Below, you can find out why marketers use this technique and see examples of social proof widgets.

What Is a Social Proof Widget?

A social proof widget is a web component that shows evidence your company provides excellent products and services. It is reinforced with positive customer reviews, testimonials from influencers and celebrities, and any other form of feedback from previous clients.

So, before visitors to your website fill out preorder forms and consider buying from you, they should find social proof on your website. Otherwise, leaving the task of finding reviews about your company to them might result in them choosing your competitors.

Benefits of Using Social Proof on the Website

Marketers use social proof elements to speed up a customer’s decision-making process and encourage clients to make a final choice. You will gain more advantages if you include social proof widgets on your company webpage.

Here is how they can help you:

  • They increase sales. People tend to rely on others’ opinions when it comes to making a decision. Especially if there is proof that someone before them has had a positive experience. Surveys confirm that 58% of online shoppers would pay more for a brand with more positive testimonials.
  • They help a business gain valuable websites. When gathering customer feedback, business owners can pay attention to what their customers need and what they want to improve.
  • They increase credibility. For a customer, it would seem strange not to find a single review about a company. It would signify that a business is not solid and people don’t buy from it. Thus, having even more harmful reviews verifies that the company is working actively.
  • They boost brand awareness. If you see a celebrity using a specific product, you will want to buy it, as a famous person verifies its quality and legitimacy. Moreover, 30% of buyers confirm they will likely buy from a business cooperating with influencers. 

Top Examples of Social Proof Widgets

Top Examples of Social Proof Widgets

Depending on your services, various social proof widgets can suit your business needs. Fortunately, the modern age of online marketing has brought business owners many different tools that can be implemented directly on their business pages. The most efficient ones we collected are in the section below.

Users’ Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools among all social proof widgets. The high number of positive reviews is a perfect way to encourage new customers to join your community. For this matter, many business owners can place some of the users’ positive comments on their landing pages or websites. Such a simple action can significantly increase the customers’ trust and increase CTA efficiency.

Mentions in Social Media 

Another example of social proof widgets is positive mentions on social media platforms or collaboration with Internet influencers. Business owners can significantly increase their potential community base by involving opinion leaders in promoting the brand, all due to the tremendous impact of bloggers on their subscribers and the high trust levels that can be used in product advertisements. 

Statistics Regarding Recent Activity

Providing illustrations of the current user’s involvement can also increase your community and future profit. A statistics widget usually represents future customers with recent statistics that can play a decisive role in decision-making. These widgets may include data regarding the number of satisfied clients, actions taken, or successful deals. 

Quality Seals and Certifications 

Providing valid certifications and quality seals is an efficient method that can greatly increase the sales of your product. You must provide your future and current clients with proof of your expertise and reliability. This step can also enhance the trust levels of the clients towards your platform and result in a successful purchase from the user’s end. 

Ratings on Review Platforms

Another point that significantly affects the reputation level of the company is the general rating on review platforms. Unfortunately, the overall negative reviews may create an inappropriate impression regarding the company, even in the case of the high quality of the services provided. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain high review ratings on platforms such as Trustpilot and others.


Telling customers about your service quality will never work the same as showing good words from a satisfied customer. That is why including social proof widgets is only beneficial for a business. They can help increase conversion and sales rates, discover valuable insights, and increase credibility and awareness.

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