Singapore Business: Why Your Company Needs To Invest In Cybersecurity 

by Business 06 October 2021

Singapore business

Regardless of the industry and location, new technology is crucial when you want to keep your business afloat. Most of the Singapore business is run online. And every business is maintaining a good website essential for communicating and keeping ties with their target market. 

Since the competition, even in the online arena, is tough, business owners have to make sure that their websites are optimized, responsive, and accessible to their external stakeholders. Every business website is essential. And if you want to maintain a strong security system, you have to keep your business website as secure as possible.

What Does It Take For Businesses To Succeed In The Digital Marketplace?

For this reason, every Singapore business is screening every moment. And make sure that their websites are up and live 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week, and 365 days a year. Every minute downtime is equivalent to lost opportunity and lost business. 

Most Web Hosting companies out there guarantee 99.99% uptime, which has become an industry standard. Then again, circumstances like human error, software failure, and hardware failure are inevitable, primarily if you’re relying on a web hosting company that offers web hosting services to many subscribers.

1. Cyber Security Is Now Becoming The Part Of Operation

1. Cyber Security Is Now Becoming The Part Of Operation

Apart from optimization, proper cybersecurity is another aspect of operations that businesses should seriously look into. As technology grows to be more advanced, fraudsters and hackers are also making their methods more sophisticated. More technological growth means you are becoming more vulnerable to security threats. And every Singapore business has to go through these phases.

If these people keep up, so does your business. After all, it’s you who stands to suffer or benefit the most from your operation. If cybersecurity and risk assessments are still not on your list, here are reasons to sway you in the right direction.

Not only a common anti-virus software can block the hacker’s interferences. The regular anti-virus is going to block the common malware. Along with that, you need more robust protections for securing a business website’s data.

2. You Need To Outsmart The Hackers

You may have been wondering what cybersecurity is and how a penetration test can check your system’s vulnerability. In that case, it can be assumed that you take cybersecurity seriously. But when you are running the Singapore business, you have to be all-time alerts from cyber threats. And you have to strengthen your security aspects from every angle.

However, if you’re short of reasons to convince your brand to invest in this aspect of technology, you can just think of the hackers who are waiting to take advantage of the security loopholes in your system. You need to outsmart these people to protect your business.

The annual cost of cybercrime damages went as high as $6 trillion this year. With more companies not realizing the necessity of VAPT, PCI DSS, and other tests to check the strength of a system’s safety and security, the damages would surely go higher. You see, data breaches don’t affect just one industry. It can damage the brand and also get them fined. For more PCI DSS information, you may check out

3. Your Website Data Are The Most Significant Resource

3. Your Website Data Are The Most Significant Resource

If, after penetration testing, you found out that your system is vulnerable to cyber attacks, the best thing to do is to seek the help of experts of VAPT in Singapore or Singapore cyber security companies. 

They can help you safeguard your most essential and valuable resource for your Singapore business — your data. With a safe and secure information system, your customers can trust your brand and continue doing business with you.


To ward off hackers, you need to check your network constantly. Through this, you can analyze and track your Singapore business website and network traffic, enabling you to take control of what’s going on and out. It can also help scale your growing network. With a reliable firewall, real-time monitoring, and anti-virus software, you can detect any kinds of risks before they can wreak havoc into your network.

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