Seven Top Tips For Writing Wedding Vows

by Business Planning 22 March 2023

If you think a wedding is easy, you definitely haven’t started preparing for it yet.  Let’s list at least a minimal list of tasks for such a special celebration:

  • Choose a date and venue for the ceremony.
  • Collect and prepare all necessary documents. This item is essential if you are a foreign couple and plan to get married abroad.
  • Make a guest list.
  • Choose a theme and decor for your wedding ceremony.
  • Finding the perfect wedding dress and something pretty for the groom.
  • Decide on a wedding menu.
  • Order a wedding cake.
  • Bridesmaids dresses.
  • Find musicians.
  • Agree on a budget.
  • Find a florist.
  • Find a makeup artist for wedding makeup and a hairstylist.
  • Find a photographer and videographer.

And this list could go on and on, trust us, we’re a Shu Wedding Agency, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to getting married.

Every couple we have worked with, necessarily, wanted something unique and not like the others. Their list of wedding essentials sometimes included some fantastic things that made us seriously nervous. But, what can’t you do for a wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime?

Even though there are always extraordinary wishes, something still remains the same. For example, things like the wedding dress, the cake, the desire to share this moment with loved ones, and, of course, the wedding vows. It’s hard to imagine anything more romantic than promises of eternal love, support, and devotion said at the altar.

But unfortunately, not all couples have the literary skills and imagination to write something larger than “I love you!” It’s certainly very sweet, but by the altar, you expect something special from your soulmate, something you’ll retell to your children and grandchildren and remember when something clouds your relationship.

If you think that only men have a problem with writing their vows, you are sorely mistaken. The bride and groom may equally struggle with it, but don’t despair, our tips will help you write wedding vows that will make all your guests weep.

Seven Tips On How To Write Beautiful Wedding Vows

1) Understand And Calm Down

Yes, you may have made hundreds of attempts to write your vows before, but each time something came out wrong, you need to calm down and relax. Stress is a poor motivator for action in this situation.

Think about why this is important. Imagine your partner’s eyes as he or she listens to your vows, how they will become slightly moist with tears flowing, how his or her lips will stretch in a smile of joy and gratitude that you are dedicating all those beautiful and touching words to him or her. Think only of your partner forget everything else, the most important thing is to convey your feelings for him and say what is really in your heart.

2) Make A Speech Plan

If you make a small outline of the text, it may help you choose the right words and not drag it out for several pages. For example, you can make blocks like this:

  • When I first saw you, I…
  • I like things about you…
  • I realized that I wanted to live my whole life with you when…
  • I promise you that…
  • A confession of love.

3) Don’t Try To Copy Someone

The worst idea is to try to repeat or copy someone else’s wedding vows. Be honest with your soulmate. Your partner doesn’t expect you to write Shakespeare sonnets or great writers’ level prose. He knows and loves you and wants to hear your voice and wedding vows dedicated to your love on this day.

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4) Share The Personal

Don’t be afraid to share some of your personal stories, yes, your guests will hear it, but first and foremost it will please your partner. Understand that you remember and share those memories with him.

5) Be Honest

You shouldn’t say things that aren’t true and you both know it, it could personally hurt your partner. You shouldn’t promise something you’re not sure about. Say the platitudes, but the truth: that you will be there for him when he is sick, you will make him broth; that you will help with cleaning and cooking; that you will always walk your dog in the morning or make breakfast; that you will support him in any of his endeavors and never judge him. Such little things are part of life and such care and support can be more meaningful than promises to give him a fancy car.

6) Confess Your Feelings

Many people shy away from talking openly and in public about their feelings, but weddings and vows are just the right time to open your heart and tell your partner how deep your love is.

7) Prepare Ahead Of Time.

Even using our tips, it can take more than one attempt to write the perfect vows, so don’t put it off until later. So you may not have time to finish and edit everything and will be terribly embarrassed in front of your partner at the altar. Take enough time, because your lover will remember these words for life.

We hope that our tips will help you with this responsible mission, and you’ll cope perfectly well. In addition, we can also help you with organizing a delightful wedding in Georgia, if you have not yet found the right place to get married.

Shu Wedding Agency – helping foreign couples get married in Georgia.

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