7 Great Secrets To Help You Be A Great Manager

by Business Published on: 28 June 2023 Last Updated on: 11 August 2023

Great Secrets To Help You Be A Great Manager

In every company, there is a management hierarchy that keeps the whole process running smoothly. A good manager acts as a facilitator and adjusts things around the team to ensure great effect and a smooth company process.

One of the ultimate ways to be a good manager is to lead with a cool head and set a wise example. This is indeed a difficult job to do because, on the other hand, you have to manage your ego and expectations.

With that being said, you don’t have to worry when you are appointed as a manager. There are a couple of things you can do, to help you successfully manage all your responsibilities and guide you to become a good manager. And one of them is going through the best CEO learning programs.

Why Is The Manager Role Important?

The manager in a team plays an important role in the continuity of the way a team works. The ideal role of a manager usually has plans or projections regarding how the team they lead can contribute and achieve targets within the company.

The manager’s role is also to regulate what is the priority among the team so that the work carried out is much more focused. In addition, the manager also pays attention to the career development of their team members, as well as directly or indirectly regulates the ideal work culture in a team.

Becoming a good manager requires several abilities and competencies that must always be applied in daily work. Applying these competencies will have a great impact on the work culture and development of team members. The following are the ultimate ways that can help you to be an ideal and competent manager!

Delegate wisely

The key to success in leadership and to being a good manager is learning to delegate effectively both the responsibility for completing tasks and the authority required to complete them. When you delegate work to your subordinates, it will help you and at the same time help to develop your team members’ confidence.

Set goals

Every employee has work goals. But as a manager, you have to make sure that your employees work according to the company’s organizational aim. Set specific goals and regularly monitor their progress toward achieving those targets.

Communicate Effectively

Effective communication between managers and fellow teams is important for smooth teamwork. But unfortunately, many managers do not focus on this. Even though communication is one of the ultimate aspects to be a good manager. What communication means is not just about the way you talk to subordinates when you are about to give assignments.

Keep in mind that communication must occur in two directions, to effectively exchange information. There are times when your team may need to talk and you need to listen to their aspirations. Good communication won’t only make the work process smoother, but it will also help to improve your relationship with the team.

Recognize Achievements And Give Appreciation

Every employee wants to do a good job. And when they do, they want their boss to know it. Unfortunately, some managers don’t focus on that. But if you want to be a good manager, this has to be changed. You need to give appreciation to your employees so they will feel valued. Recognizing the achievements made by your employees and giving appreciation will certainly increase team spirit.

Give Motivation To Employees

One of the manager’s duties is to regularly ask employees what they think about their workload, how they like their jobs, and so on. It is important for you as the manager to encourage your team to be honest with you. Afterward, you can take action based on what they say, such as bonuses, or workflow improvement.

Be Consistent

If you want to be a good manager, you need to be consistent in your work. Set standards to measure how effectively and successfully you and your team consistently perform. By being consistent you can keep the team’s performance on target. That way both the team and you as a manager are still well looked after by other teams or the company as a whole.

Ask For Feedback

So that you can find out whether your work so far has been right, you must continue to do self-evaluation. One way you can do this is by always asking for feedback from fellow managers who may have worked longer than you. You should also urge your team members to let you know what they feel about you guiding them, and what they wish for you to improve. This will help you to be able to create a work-friendly environment, where you can improve team member’s work productivity and quality better.

Ensuring that your team can also get a clean and tidy work environment is also important. With a good working environment, your team’s productivity level can be improved as a result. Thus, if the company does not hire an-in house janitor, you as a manager, probably have to request to hire and find an office cleaning service in Singapore that can help to maintain the workspace regularly.

Paying attention to employees’ needs and making sure you can help to cover them, is the best way to start being a good manager. You won’t only be able to be a great leader for the team, but also help improve company profit as a result.


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