What Is Return On Sales And How To Calculate Return On Sales?

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return on sales

Return on sales is an important parameter to measure the financial health of your business. You cannot grow your business smoothly without knowing the ROS (Return On Sales).

All the other business units, like production, planning, R&D, and packaging, are the supportive part of the business. However, only sales enhance the profitability of your business.

You cannot ignore the concept of return on sales to get better outcomes from your business. If the sales figure falls, your business is going to crash.

What Is Return On Sales?

Return on sales calculates the facts of how efficiently and quickly a company turns its sales into profits. It highlights the selling power of an organization. Without the presence of an efficient sales team or effective strategy planning, better ROS is not possible.

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What Is The Importance Of ROS?

What Is The Importance Of ROS?

There are several points of importance of ROS that many of us are not aware of. So let’s find out the details in a transparent way.

  • It helps to measure the performance of your sales team year on year basis.
  • Competitor comparison becomes easier in contrast to your business.
  • It helps you to measure the revenue and expenses of your business correctly.
  • Highlights the current condition of your business.
  • It helps in making the comparison between the success of the previous year with the current year.

How To Use Company’s Return On Sales Ratio?

Good return on sales means your company has utilized all the resources available to it in the best possible manner.

In addition, it clearly highlights the strength of the company and the sales force to improve the business’s productivity and increase profitability. You can use the Return of sales ratio to motivate your employees in the following manner.

1. Personalize


Your first aim is to focus on what they can do for the company and their motivating factors, which trigger them to bring results for the company.

As a team leader, you must know your team members’ driving factors that motivate them to bring results. So you have to find out their motivators. But, first, identify their professional and personal goals.

2. Incentivize


It can be anything from your end, like professional bonuses, incentives, and professional development. But, first, you need to identify which factors drive your employees to provide better results for your business.

Incentives drive the salespeople to give the maximum effort to drive sales for your business. Therefore, you need to identify these facts at your end when you want to improve your business to the next level.

3. Familiarize


Ensure that your team is comfortable enough with what they are selling. It can help you understand where the business stands and in which areas you need to improve your sales team.

The fundamental aspect of this concept is to train your team correctly first instead of pushing them to make sales. Do not confuse your sales team member; instead, educate them so that they can bring fruitful results for your business.

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4. Track Your Competitors

Track Your Competitors

Return on sales (ROS) will help you to track your competitors. It can help your business understand your core competitors and how they are improving. You cannot overlap this step.

This step will help you where you are lacking and what changes you must make to your sales process. It can help your organization increase its profitability rate within an estimated period.

What Is Return On Sales Formula?

You may have this question in your mind how to calculate the return on sales? Right!! Let’s go through the formulae of it to reach your objectives appropriately.

Operating Income



It is the primary process of the calculator for the ROS. You cannot ignore these points when you want better profitability for your business. Your daily business cycle forms an essential part of your business to meet your daily working capital requirements.

Return On Sales Ratio

A company’s ideal Return on sales ratio is between 5% and 10%. If your company’s ROS falls below 5%, you have to maintain a better sales figure. You need to keep these facts while you want to improve your business to the next level.

How To Report Stock Sales On Tax Returns?

You can follow the guidelines of this video to report the stock sales on the tax returns correctly. It can make things easier for you.

Video Source

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

1. What Is A Good Return On Sales?

For most companies, if you have a ROS between 5% and 10%, then it is considered an excellent ROS. You have to know these facts while you want to get a better return from your sales. Effective sales planning can help you to increase your sales.

2. What Is Return Of Sales Called?

Return on sales is a standardized ratio that shows the operation’s profit contrary to the percentage of its sales revenue. It can make things work well in your way within a specific point in time. Return on sales can enhance the business profitability.

3. What Is The Return Of Sales Ratio?

The financial ratio shows how much your overall revenue is upon how much you need to pay off your operating costs. Therefore, the results you will get from it will highlight your sales ratio. Consequently, you need to identify these facts while achieving your goals.

4. How Can You Improve ROS?

You can follow two simple steps when you want to improve your ROS. Let’s find out these steps to get through the concepts.
1. You have to negotiate better level of purchasing and selling price.
2. Try to buy cheaper and sell higher.

5. Is ROS and ROI The Same?

The concept of ROI is the return from your investments, and it includes your expenses as well. Whereas in the case of ROS( Return On Sales), it measures the level of profitability of your business where the concept of expenses is not included in it.

Get Fair Returns From Your Investments

Hence, if you want to get fair returns from your investments, you cannot avoid these above factors on your end. Getting fair returns from your assets is not a difficult task.

You need to follow specific essential steps that can help you get the returns you expect from your sales. You can share your views, ideas, and opinion on this matter in our comment box.

It will help us to meet your requirements within an estimated period. However, to seek fair investment returns, you must know the importance of return on sales.

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