Professional Guide On How To Get Real Jewelry From China

by Business 22 March 2022

Jewelry From China

It seems that people usually suspect made-in-China products, especially when it comes to jewelry from China.

However, the reality is that a substantial number of products that people have been used to are made in China. People love these first-class products even though they won’t admit it. But, of course, we are not saying that all the products made in China are excellent.

We will talk about:

1. Jewelry from China is 100% real.

  • Silver jewelry with China BI925 stamp is 100% real
  • 925 silver from China is 100% real
  • Gold from China is 100% real  

2. Reasons why a lot of jewelry is from China

3. Avoid getting jewelry with low-quality

4. Conclusion

Jewelry Made In China Is 100% Real 

Jewelry Made In China Is 100% Real 

There is no doubt that jewelry from China is real. Actually, it might be surprising that top jewelry shops like Forever 21 and Walmart rely on their jewelry manufacturers in China. In fact, 90% of all jewelry is made in China, and the quality of this jewelry is always the best. It’s 100% real and safe.

It’s also worth mentioning that the jewelry market in China has been growing these years. The gold jewelry market has started to grow significantly since 2017. The retail sales of silver and gold jewelry contributed a CAGR of 10.3%. 

In 2018 alone, the number went up by 7.5%. What’s more, the estimated value of the market by the year 2025 reaches over 900 billion RMB. 

a. Silver Jewelry With China BJ925 Stamp Is 100% Real 

The China BJ925 stamp itself represents the genuineness of the jewelry from China. This stamp serves as a mark of purity, quality, and authenticity. You don’t have to hesitate about the quality of jewelry if there is a China BJ925 stamp on it.

This hallmark could be divided into two parts. 925 is a mark of purity and corresponding country, while the BJ, a designer mark that is commonly used by QVC designers, guarantees a high-level quality.

b. 925 Silver From China Is 100% Real

925 Silver From China Is 100% Real

It could be difficult and confusing to tell whether 925 silver from China is real or not, especially for now people have access to various options to get things online.

Despite the convenience of buying jewelry from China online, the only thing that you should remember is that quality matters the most. Make sure to check out the following two points before you confirm your purchase. 

One is that the jewelry should be durable and shouldn’t have any scratch on it. The other is to look for information from such as the stamp or the hallmark. This information could help you evaluate the quality.

925 or 925 China is the most common seal on authentic silver jewelry. This seal is also applied for the standard marking of sterling silver jewelry. If the jewelry comes with a 925 or 925 China stamp, then the jewelry is mainly gold-plated sterling jewelry which contains 92.5% sterling silver combined with 7.5% other metals and a gold plating.

Gold-plated jewelry is stamped with a silver mark because, by plating, the jewelry is only covered with rather than made of the real goal. Therefore, the 925 stamp actually tells people how much bore sterling silver is contained in the jewelry and is not related to the plated gold of the jewelry.

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c. Gold From China Is 100% Real

925 Silver From China Is 100% Real

Gold jewelry from China is not only of high quality but also expensive on the market. There are several reasons for this:

  1.     Gold from China is valued as it is associated with Chinese culture and history.
  2.     Gold from China is known for its high-level quality. The reputation of China gold is well-established. Gold from China is produced with high standards.
  3.     In general, Chinese works of art are made of gold. These works include but are not limited to Chinese ornaments, gold jewelry, and other precious metal statutes.

The most precious gold from China is the 24k gold, the gold with the top purity. One astonishing feature of the 24k gold is that its softness and brightness maintain forever. This gold is often labeled with 999, 999.5, or 9999. 

Interestingly, people who buy this perfect gold jewelry from China do not always know how valuable the jewelry is. Of course, there is gold with lower quality, like 22k gold and 18k gold.

Reasons Why A Lot Of Jewelry Is From China

Large-scale markets and factories in China cultivate the massive production of jewelry here. Specifically, with large-scale production, the price of jewelry from China is more acceptable as the cost of production is relatively low.

Despite the huge scale, the quality of jewelry produced in China is well-known. Big retailers from all over the world prefer jewelry made in China. The reason why China produces the best jewelry is probably due to its long history of jewelry production and usage.

Taken together, the large-scale market, high-level specialization, and huge investment promote the production of jewelry in China. Retailers prefer to choose China because of the fast production time, and this is why a lot of jewelry people see everywhere is actually from China. 

Avoid Getting Jewelry With Low Quality

Avoid Getting Jewelry With Low Quality

Here are several guidelines that might help you avoid jewelry from China with poor quality

  • Thin and flimsy jewelry could be broken easily.
  • Jewelry with super brightness is often fake.
  •  If your skin looks green when wearing the jewelry, you should doubt its quality.
  • Do remember to pay attention to the 4Cs standards when getting jewelry. The 4Cs are color, clarity, cut, and carats.
  • Do despise jewelry that is made in China. Some of this jewelry is of the best quality. 


In this article, we cover insightful explanations of the high-quality jewelry from China and the corresponding reasons. We also provide some useful guidelines to help you get affordable and high-quality jewelry. Don’t hesitate more if there is any jewelry from China that’s already on your shopping list.

Of course, always be cautious when getting jewelry, even though there is a lot of great jewelry from China. Things with low quality always exist.

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