10 Rare Dollar Bills To Look Out For: They Might Be In Circulation!

by Money 30 November 2023

Rare Dollar Bills

Earning money is one thing; collecting them is something else. Some of the dollars have specific historical significance; some have unique artistry. Some dollar bills are rare just because there are very few of them in circulation or most of them have been destroyed. 

Whichever the case may be, collectors like to get their hands on the rare dollar bills. If you are a collector yourself, you would like to keep a list of notes and dollar bills you want to collect.

But what are the rarest dollar bills one can collect? Which one is more available? If you are a collector, then you would love to read this piece of article. Here, I have listed the rarest dollar bills you can collect.

1. 1890 Grand Watermelon Bill

1890 Grand Watermelon Bill

If you are a collector of rare dollar bills, then this is one of the rarest banknotes you must know about. Collectors almost cherish this dollar bill for its rarity, and it is believed that there are only seven of these dollar bills in existence. 

So, why is the 1890-dollar bill so popular? Well, the reason is the colorful and vibrant design of the note. It looks almost like a watermelon. The $1000 1890 Grand Watermelon Bills have historically fetched as much as $3 million in auctions. So, if you can own one, you are a millionaire. 

2. 1934 $10,000 Bills That Feature Salmon P. Chase

1934 $10,000 Bills That Feature Salmon P. Chase

When talking about rare dollar bills, we cannot necessarily deny the $10,000 bill of 1934, the one that features Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase, who served under Lincoln. Well, this dollar bill is not extremely rare. However, the note has never been in widespread circulation. 

However, $10,000 is not a small number. The high face value of the note makes it one of the rare collectibles you want to hold on to. 

3. 1901 Bison Note

1901 Bison Note

Most of the rare dollar bills are rare collectibles of the artistry behind them and their historical significance. The 1901 Bison note is not far from any of those. This is a $10 note and is a legal tender. The note is iconic and craved among collectors for the picture in it. 

It shows vivid imagery of the American bison. The bison is visible between Lewis and Clark, the explorers. The historical significance of this note is undeniable. If you happen to have a Pristine version of the same, it might be capable of fetching you a good sum of money. 

4. 1928 Gold Certificate Bills

1928 Gold Certificate Bills

Gold certificates were something of a standard form of currency. But, the government recalled them back in 1933 and destroyed most of them. Is there any chance to grab one of them? Well, there is. 

Most of the wealthy collectors who collect the notes for the thrill of it would go for the 1928 series, the higher denomination, of course. If you are also collecting, keep your eyes and ears open for the 1928 Gold Certificate bills

5. Alexander Hamilton $1,000 Federal Reserve Note Of 1918

Alexander Hamilton $1,000 Federal Reserve Note Of 1918

If you think Alexander Hamilton is the face of only the modern-day $10 bill, then you are mistaken. He also adorned the $1,000 Federal Reserve Note. The collectibles are from 1918, and they have Hamilton. On the other side, there is a vignette with a bald Eagle. These are the rare dollar bills you must be looking for. 

6. The 1928 $500 Bill

The 1928 $500 Bill

This note has a good story behind it. It was introduced in 1928. But the dollar bill came into circulation in 1945. This rare $500 has President William McKinley. The price of these dollar bills can vary depending on the condition you have it in. 

You can grab between $1,000 to $1,500. But the note was in circulation only for 24 years. It was discontinued officially in 1969.

7. 1896 Educational Series

1896 Educational Series

If you are looking for rare dollar bills, I would suggest keeping an eye open for the 1896 Educational series. The note is known for the intricate design it boasts. Some allegorical designs showcase things like history, electricity, & commerce. Collectors look for the $5 bill that depicts electricity as a dominant force globally. If you can discover one in uncirculated condition, it will be worth something for sure. 

8. 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

This one is not a dollar bill but a coin. Since we are looking for rare collectible dollars, we are not going to leave this $20 piece of gold coin out of the list. This one is pretty rare. Most importantly, there is a lore related to this dollar bill. 

Since the Gold coin standard was stopped back in 1933, these coins were mostly melted. Only a few of them are left with some collectors. The antique value of these coins is mind-boggling. In 2002, one of them was auctioned for more than $7.5 million.

9. Fractional Currency from the Civil War Era

Fractional Currency from the Civil War Era

These coins were rare after the Civil War. When these coins were out of fashion (or use), the fractional paper currency that was worth less than $1 came into existence. Some of these coins might be more common than rare. While some are common, specific rare denominations or conditions can command high prices.

10. The 1861 $1,000 Bill

The 1861 $1,000 Bill

Collectors looking for rare dollar bills must look out for the $1,000 bills. The reason is that it is the largest denomination printed for circulation in public. Especially if you can collect the 1861 dollar bill of $1000, it will bring you some wealth. The dollar bills are valued between $1,500 to $2,500. 

But it depends on what condition the dollar bill is in. The best condition and uncirculated version gets the higher price. It is one of the initial banknotes that the Confederate States of America used. How do you identify one of these? Well, you will see President Grover Cleveland printed on one of the sides of the notes. 

Bottom Line

If you have a keen eye for these dollars, you might bump into one of these rare beauties. Luck only works a little most of the time. Be it as a hobby or for personal collection, you can collect some rare dollar bills. If you’re going to look out for the rarest ones, I would suggest checking out the ones I have listed in this article.

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