Why You Should Pursue A Bachelor Of Commerce?

by Job & Career Published on: 21 May 2021 Last Updated on: 22 June 2021

You Should Pursue A Bachelor Of Commerce

Bachelor’s of commerce offers a combination of broader business training for helping students to cultivate advanced managerial abilities, a confident persona, and strong analytical capacity to widen their scope of career opportunities.

It also demonstrates that developing excellent leadership skills would improve their chances of securing top management positions in companies.

UCW’s bachelor of commerce offers them an opportunity to understand the hypotheses and strategies incorporated by prosperous business owners, develop sustainable plans to control their investments, and identify the links between different market cultures in varied settings.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the reasons to pursue a bachelor’s degree in commerce:

Specialized training in diverse areas: 

Students mostly think that a bachelor’s program in commerce would just focus on banking, commerce, and finance.

But there are numerous other specialized areas included in this course including human resources, investment management, law, corporate secretary-ship, accounts and finance, economics, banking and insurance, marketing, information technology, taxation, tourism, and travel management.

There are several specializations available, each with its own set of expertise and work environment, allowing further flexible training on a range of subjects.

High salary package: 

Employers acknowledge the importance of hiring experts specialized in the commerce subject area and are willingly offering high salary packages to worthy candidates.

Different considerations, such as the level of academic education, years of professional experience, the field of specialization, and area of employment, will invariably decide the salary of a B.Com graduate in any field they wish to opt for.

Vast career opportunities:

Vast career opportunities:

A bachelor’s degree in commerce is a passage to numerous industries as every other organization irrespective of their expertise requires experts in finance, accounting, banking, economics, and other related areas. Students often opt for higher education plans to advance their career options in top management roles.

Finance Officer, Accountant, Junior Analyst, Business Development Trainee, Auditor, Economist, Consultant, Stock Broker, Company Secretary, Business Analyst, Sales Analyst, Tax Accountant, and many other job profiles can be explored with a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

Accounting and budgeting: 

Bad financial management is the major cause of the downfall for most organizations.

This degree will give you the confidence to understand the deeper impact of financial terms for starting your own company.

Researching core business concepts like accounting and budgeting will teach you the fundamentals of financial reporting, allowing you to feel optimistic and be prepared to improve the company’s profitability factors.

Inspire the entrepreneur inside you:

Most of the students aspiring to become an entrepreneur choose a bachelor’s in commerce to test their ideas and to equip themselves with core entrepreneurial skills.

So, if you want to work by incorporating advanced methodologies for creating creative market possibilities, addressing perplexing business challenges, and investigating the vital business data using interdisciplinary methods and leverage existing operations to aid the organization’s decision-making method.

Then you must sign up for a bachelor’s in commerce program to seal your spot within this domain.

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